Guides for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

Guides for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

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Welcome to the Germination section of Percys Grow Room. Here you will find guides for germinating cannabis seeds, to help you get your grow off to the best start.

For the best results, only ever try germinating high quality seeds, from a reputable breeder. Genetics is 50% of the battle towards growing the best cannabis.

Don’t Grow Bag Seed!

It can be tempting to germinate a cannabis seed you found in a bag a bud. But these seeds will have unknown genetics, and may “Hermie”!

The best tip for growing cannabis from seed, is always go with the best breeders! You can be sure of good strong genetics, and your final product will be of a higher quality.

Bag seed, may have come from a plant that has “Hermied”, and it may Hermie when it flowers, as it carries that genetics trait. This can lead to months of waste time and money.

Guides on Germination

Every cannabis grow guide in our germination section, is written by experienced growers and members of our cannabis growers forum. If you ever need advice, or have any questions, sign up, we are always happy to help!

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Guides for Germinating Cannabis Seeds

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Paper Towel Method

The paper towel method is an old school method of germinating cannabis seeds. The seeds are left in damp paper towels for a couple of days until they crack and tap root show. Follow these guides on paper towel method of germinating a cannabis seed if you're having problems with seeds popping.

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PGR method



Taking cuttings from a mother plant is a great way to keep the genetics of a great plant alive. To ensure a good success rate of cuttings taking root, follow these guides on taking cuttings and ask for help in the forum.

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Rock Wool Cubes

Rock wool cubes are used to germinate cannabis seeds that are grown in hydroponic setups like DWC and NFT. The come in a different range of sizes, and are a great substitute for soil. Find out more about growing in rockwool cubes in this section of Percys Grow Room

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Soil & Soil like Mediums

Is your medium, soil, or a soil like medium! It is very important that you know the difference. Here is a section dedicated to the discussion of soils, and soil like mediums for growing cannabis. Tell us what your favourite medium is, or ask for advice on what is recommended by experienced growers.

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For the best chances for your young plant to survive, it is a good idea to keep them in a propagator. this will keep temps and humidity up in the ideal range for these young plants. Find out techniques from experienced growers, and how they like to propagate cannabis seedlings.

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Germinating a cannabis seed is a simple process with many different methods. All you have to do is add water, warmth, and air, and your seed will pop in a few days! Follow these guides to make sure you are successfully germinating your cannabis seeds.
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