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Here are a selection of guides for treating bugs and pests on a cannabis plant. There are many bugs and pest that will live on your plant, or in the medium you are growing in.

The correct way to start treatment is by properly diagnosing the bugs, and then treating them accordingly. These guides will help you get rid of the bugs on your cannabis plants

Bugs that Live on Cannabis Plants

Bugs & Pests

Bug Prevention

Bug prevention is a massively underestimated part of growing cannabis. By using certain techniques, you can make sure bugs never get into your grow room, and this will prevent you plants being eating by them. In this section of the forum, we will cover guides on preventing bugs from invading your grow room. What pesticides work best for bug prevention, and what are the best natural ways to keep bugs away from cannabis plants. Feel free to share your ideas with the cannabis community, by starting a new thread in here and telling us about your bug prevention techniques


Bugs & Pests

One of the most devastating things you can find on your cannabis plant, is bugs & pests. Some bugs on a cannabis plant are not as harmful as others. Being able to identify a bug on a cannabis plant is the first step to solving the problem. Find out what bugs is eating your cannabis plant in this section of our cannabis growers forum. Learn how to kill bugs on a cannabis plant, and also learn how to prevent them. Post here if you need help getting rid of bug in your grow room.
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How To Treat Bugs on a Cannabis Plant

Here are some Guides for Treating Bugs and Pest on a cannabis plant. Homemade pesticides should always be your first approach. If that doesn’t work, then you can move up to chemical pesticides.