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Welcome to Percys Grow Rooms Guides on how to harvest as cannabis plant.

Harvesting your crop at the right time is crucial to getting the best quality of cannabis.

In these guides to harvesting, you will learn when the best time to harvest is, to give you the high you want from your plants.

Harvest Time!

Harvest your crop at the right time!

Too soon, and the THC will be immature.
Too late, and you risk getting mould or rot!

Harvesting cannabis plants is a long task. You must prepare yourself before hand, to ensure it is done quickly, and efficiently.

Our Guides on How to Harvest a Cannabis Plant be better prepared. So the whole process will be easier and quicker.

Guides on How to
Harvest Cannabis

Everyย cannabis grow guideย in our Harvesting section, is written by experienced growers and members of ourย cannabis growers forum. If you ever need advice, or have any questions,ย sign up, we are always happy to help!

Cannabis Growers Forum
Guides on Harvesting


Harvesting a cannabis plant can be the most rewarding time of your whole grow. But harvesting your plant too early will affect finally quilat and yield, and leaving it too late, can increase your chances of rot and mould infecting your buds. Find out the best ways to harvest your cannabis plant in this section of the forum.
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