Happy Birthday Percy! 1 Year Old Today

So, the day has arrived! Percys Grow Room, is one year old! Happy Birthday Percy!

It was a year ago today, that I registered the URL Percysgrowroom.com. I had thought about starting a new cannabis growers forum for a while. But, I had no idea about building websites. So, I did a bit of research into web design. Soon after, I started building.

I never expected much really, with no idea about how to build a website, I knew the work ahead of me wasn’t going to be easy. I mean, I know about growing cannabis, but website building was something I had never done before.

Because there’s so much to do, and so much to learn, I decided I would learn as I go. Sometimes it’s a good idea to jump in at the deep end and see what happens.

It has been amazing, and Percys has achieved every goal I had set out for the first year, and more. It has been a massive success, and though I wanted it to get this far, I never realistically thought I could build a site like this. I feel as if we have really built something we can be proud of.

We are just a little off 1 thousand members now! We have over 2 thousand new visitors to the site everyday, and we have some amazing sponsors, who support our site, and our cause to no end.

Thank You

I have been very lucky, I have worked very hard, VERY HARD for the last year, every day, without fail. But, none of this would be what it is without the epic community that continues to grow over here.

I want to thank each and every one of you who has visited, signed up, commented, posted, or taken part in any way in the first year at Percys. We have achieved great things. Now let’s have a look at what Percys Grow Room has achieved this year.

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A Year in Review

From the 12th of November 2018, Percys Grow Room was brought to life. I wasn’t sure if it was going to last a year, a month, a week. I didn’t know if i had the energy in me to do all of the work ahead of me.

Pretty much, for the next few weeks, I was on so many learning curves, it made me dizzy. Learning how to write good informative posts, figuring out what is the best forum platform, to build a good modern forum.

It didn’t take long before I realised, I really, really like doing this work. It may be hard, tiresome, laborious sometimes. But I got to watch this thing that never existed before, other than in my mind, become a reality.

After christmas 2018, some time as we headed into January, I realised, this actually had potential. Maybe it was possible to build the website I see in my head. A website growers need. Modern fresh, fast, with everything you need to learn how to grow your own supply of cannabis.

I had figured out the best forum platform, the best web designing software, and got my head around it all, and also started to learn about google SEOs.

The forum went live, officially, on the 1st of February 2019.

What Have We Achieved This Year?

There is far too much to mention.

First off, let’s go with the big numbers. We have been seen, on google search results, over 3 million times!!!

On the forum, we now have 631 different threads, and 10.9K posts. There are so many good conversations and discussions amongst our boards. We have an awesome community.

We have over 2 thousand new visitors everyday, and hundreds more coming back to Percys for more information.

Right now we have 920 members. These are actual members too. We delete spammers, and not only achieved a large amount of members in the first year, but also achieved a spam free forum! Our members will never see spam posts from random companies. We have the tidiest forum online.

Friends Around the Web

We are a community driven website. Friends are important to us, and the cannabis community should come together as much as possible for the greater good. We are very lucky to have some awesome friends, sponsors and supporters.

Invisible Sun

Invisible Sun have become a sponsor of Percy’s Grow Room very recently. This was huge, I have been a big fan of Invisible Sun for a long time. To have them become supporters of our site is a great honour.

These guys are big names in the cannabis grow lighting industry. They produce some of the best grow lights on the market.

There are big plans lined up, and the future for Invisible Sun and Percys Grow Room is very bright. It is a massive honour to have them as part of the progression of Percys. Thank you to Invisible Sun for joining us!

The Vault

Finding sponsors and support, for a website that is essentially still young, and under development isn’t easy. George from The Vault, joined us a while ago, and he has done so much for us, I will always be grateful!

Not only has The Vaut sent us loads of cannabis seeds for competitions and giveaways, but they have given us a discount code for their store too!

Along with all this, even though they have done so much for us already, The Vault run regular competitions in their forum section! They are such an amazing sponsor, and awesome support for Percy’s Grow Room. I have no doubt, we wouldn’t have as many members as we do today, without the hard work The Vault has put in for us!

Legends! Check them out if you don’t know who they are, you will not be disappointed!

Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion, and I (Macky), have been friends long before Percys Grow Room. The team at Dutch Passion has given us so much over the first year, we couldn’t possibly ask for more.

They haven’t just given us seeds, and merchandising, but they have given me, a lot of personal support through the early days of building the site.

I have been there for grow advice, and business advice, and no matter what, they always have time for me. This kind of friendship can not be bought or sold. They are an amazing company. I will always be grateful for everything they have done for us.

Barneys Farm

Whoop whoop! Our biggest competitions of the year was definitely through September when Barneys Farm threw a huge care package at us! We had a prize draw, and a head or tails competition, that brought in a crazy amount of new members.

Not everyone who signs up for comps stick around, but a few do. We pulled in some core members of the community because of these competitions. Barney was very generous to us.

After the competitions were over, I emailed Barneys to say thank you, apparently, people do not do this much! They said they would love to work with us again in the future, so keep an eye out for more comps from Barneys.

Also, Barneys gives us our biggest discount code yet, a whole 20% off seeds at Barneys Farm.

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Discount Code:

It’s crazy, that this time last year, I was only registering the URL. Now we have some of the biggest seedbanks in the world supporting the site. It can be surreal sometimes.

Chosen Seeds

Our first sponsor! I don’t know where they are now, and haven’t heard from them for a while, but they need to know they have not been forgotten. Chosen Seeds, is a small family run business in the UK.

These guys were the first to see the potential behind Percys Grow Room, and they sent us a care package of some awesome prizes that went out on POTM comps, and other competitions. In fact, they sent us so much, we still have some of their prizes in the Seed Cabinet!

I hope everything is going well for Chosen Seeds. Hopefully, we will hear from them in the future and be able to work together on some projects.

Gorilla Seeds

Reasonably new sponsors to the grow room, but have already sent so much to our members. Gorilla Seeds have run many competitions in their section of the forum, and the prizes are always epic.

We plan to work more with Gorilla Seeds in the future too. They have a huge selection of cannabis seeds, at very competitive prices. Check them out, and of course, check out their forum section.

Gorilla Seeds run regular competitions here, so check out their section of the forum, there is no doubt you will find a competition you like.

Seedsman Seeds

And last but definitely not least, of our Seedbanks Friends, is Seedsman. Seedsman are another newcomer to Percys, and they have arrived with a bang!

Pretty soon, our Sponsored Jack Herrer Grow off will begin! Seedsman seeds have offered us up to 25 packets of free seeds, to give away, to people who want to join the grow off.

Not only that, but the entrant who runs the best grow diary, will win a €250 voucher to spend on whatever they like at Seedsman

This is crazy, this will be our first grow off, and there is still chance for you to enter if you get in there today!

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Cheap Home Grow

Cheap Home Grow is a cannabis growers podcast, that is made to help you learn to grow your own cannabis on a budget. But the show offers so much more than just that.

I have been on Cheap Home Grows podcasts many times, and now, Percys Grow Room and Grow Room 420, have a monthly show on Cheap Home Grow.

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month, you can join me (Macky) Keeno, and GMO, on Cheap Home Grow as we discuss growing cannabis in the UK.

Shane has always been supportive of Percys, and has offered not just us, but many cannabis growers a platform to be heard. His show has helped many new growers get to harvest.

Cheap Home Grow has done a lot for Percy, and the cannabis growers community all over the internet. We can’t thank him enough for the support he has given us.

Soft Secrets

Soft Secrets is a weed growers magazine, that has been around before the days of google. For decades they have provided growers all over the world with quality information to help them grow their own cannabis.

This year, I became an author over at Soft Secrets. I have an article published in every print edition of the magazine and 1 article every month on their website.

Soft Secrets is something I have been reading since way back in my early days of learning how to grow. I loved picking up my copy from the grow shop. Now, when I pick up a copy, I get to read my own articles in there.

It is such a privilege to be writing for such an established cannabis growers magazine. Thanks to Soft Secrets for having me.

Grow Room 420

Last, but not definelty not least, our friends over at growroom420. These guys are another cannabis growers forum, who have been through similar trials as Percy. We both started our forums under the same conditions, and have similar visions to where we want to take things.

Percys Grow Room, and Grow Room 420 have become good friends. There have been times where I have come close to cracking under the workload of building this site. The guys over at growroom420 have always shown me an amazing amount of support, even though we are supposed to be “Rivals”. I will always appreciate what they have done for me, and Percys Grow Room.

We have worked together on many things, and plan to work together on many more in the future. We are sister ships of the same fleet, fighting the same fight. It’s truly been a pleasure working with these guys.

Other Mentions

There are so many more people we have worked with over the last year, it is impossible to list them all. Thanks to all of you who have been part of this journey!

What’s Next for Percys Grow Room

Well, if you have been following along for a while, you will know, we always have everything planned out for the foreseeable future. I won’t spoil them for you, but there is some really cool things coming for you in the next year.

The ball is rolling, and it’s picking up a lot of speed. The site will need some extra hands on deck to power this machine we have created. Our admin team will expand, and we will bring in many more new members.

We have achieved so much in just one year. Every goal we set out to achieve, we did, and more.

There have been many ups, but we have also had our fair share of downs! But every time something has come along to try and slow us down, we have always come out on top.

We have the best guides, we have the most responsive forum layout. Our site is clean, fresh and modern. Our community is second to none, with some of the most friendliest people you will ever meet on an online forum

I am proud of what we have built here, and you should be proud too. This is our community, and we have built it together. Together we will take Percys Grow Room to the top, and achieve great things.

Our aim is to be the best cannabis growers forum in the world. I do not doubt that we can achieve this. We have a lot of work to do still, but with a community like ours, there is nothing that can stop us.

Well done everyone! Now, lets smash year two twice as hard as we smashed year one!

26 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Percy! 1 Year Old Today”

  1. ??HAPPY BIRTHDAY ?? whoop whoop ?  Well done @macky on all your hard work Brother ?? this site is awesome and has helped me no end over these last god knows how many months. You and the team should be really proud mate no other place I’d rather be! I raise a massive jay to you ???

  2. Wow! What an inspiring read! Time & passion are the ingredients for success! You (macky) and the team working this machine are living proof of that fact! Its been an honour to be along for the ride ? and so awesome to watch this place grow. Some of us have to keep the grows stealth and some of us wish more people would come enjoy the process haha whatever side you land on i think its safe to safe we all appreciate this place ❤

  3. Posted by: @cloudy_kitchen

    remember chatting way back in January about the site and where you wanted it to be? 

    Never forget it man!!

    I look at the list of members, and it start from who signed up first. Percy, the sign up account. Then me, then you lol. Here from the very beginning man, and taught me a lot about all this!! Good team work man, we have been through a lot already lol. So much can happen in a year. We are just warming up 😉 This year we are taking over lol

  4. Posted by: @keeno

    It’s a pleasure to have 2 sites interact in such a way, its setting the tone for the future if online canna communities

    Well said bro! Thanks for all your support mate. I appreciate it man, good to have a fellow captain of another ship help guide us lol. 

  5. What an epic write up bro, remember chatting way back in January about the site and where you wanted it to be? I have to shoutout all the affiliates of this great site too: Invisible Sun LED, The Vault, Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion Seedsman Seeds, Gorilla Seeds, Not to mention the great media outlets Cheap Home Grow, Soft Secrets and Grow Room 420 who provide us with helpful infoThank you all for helping turn Macky’s vision into a reality, I’m sure that every sponsor or affiliate loves the sense of global community here. Macky, you’re a legend bro, helped me grow my very first cannabis plant halfway across the world as well as providing me valuable support when shit wasn’t going so well. Genuinely thankful for meeting you on Twitter. 

  6. Happy birthday Percy’s!  What this place has done in a year still puts a massive smile on my face. It’s a honour to have worked alongside you and I cannot wait to do so much more.  It’s a pleasure to have 2 sites interact in such a way, its setting the tone for the future if online canna communities. Happy birthday and I wish you many many more!  

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