The aim of the game is simple, pick heads or tails.

A coin will be flipped. If you were right with your guess, you proceed onto the next flip, if you are wrong….. you’re out.

Who ever last the longest, and wins the final flip, wins the comp!!

Sounds easy, a 50/50 choice, but even a 50/50 is tough under pressure! Can you reach the final flip?




How to Enter Heads or Tails

Anyone who is a member of our cannabis growers forum, can enter the competition. If you are not signed up already, you can do so right now by clicking the button below

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Become a Member!

After signing up, or , if you are already a member, head over to our “Active Competitions” section of the forum, and enter in the “Head or Tails 2” Thread.

You can also click the button next to this text, to be taken to the entry thread.

Once you are on the thread, all you have to do is comment with your choice, Heads, or Tails, to enter!

How to win Heads or Tails

All you have to do to win, is be lucky! Everytime we have a flip, you have a 50% chance of being right.

The first flip will take place on 21st of January, at 20:00 GMT.

The ticket is already set up, so the coin is flipped, and will stay in the air until the set date and time.

You can see the ticket for the draw right here! So you can see it is fair, and random.

See the Ticket for the Draw

After this flip has taken place, there will be a flip, at 20:00, every day, until we have just one winner. Which could be you! Do you feel lucky?


Whoever wins, will receive this bundle of prizes from our friends at Ali Bongo!

1 x Ali Bongo T-Shirt
1 x Ali Bongo Rolling Tray
1 x Gorilla Glue Fem, Bongo Bulk Seeds
1 x Bruce Banner Fem, Bongo Bulk Seeds
3 x Super Glue, Anesia Seeds
2 x Ali Bongo Roach Booklets
1 x G13 Stash Tin
1 x Barneys Farm Grinder
2 x Rolling Papers
2 x Ali Bongo Clipper Lighters
8 x Assorted Stickers


Only one entry per member
You must be forum member to enter
Once you make your choice, you can not change it until the next round!
If you proceed to the next level, but you do not comment on the post before the next draw, you will be out of the game.
If there are 2 players remaining, the player who has been a member for the longest will get to make first choice of heads or tails.

These rules can be changed or extended if admin see fit. We expected everyone to play fair, and have fun! Anyone found breaching forum rules, competition rules, or general forum etiquette will be banned from the site.


*If all players have made their choices, we can flip again early if all players left in the competition have agreed.

Good Luck Everyone!

Have fun everyone, and good luck! Dont forget, these competitions could not take place without guys like Ali Bongo supporting us. Please show your support for them, by checking out their site and seeing what they have for you!

Trust me, these guys have everything! You gotta check them out, UK’s Number one Headshop!

Oh, and don’t forget to use “Percy10” for you discount code!! 

  1. Nice job twisted well done ✌️

  2. Thanks everyone

  3. @twisted1Congrats man!

  4. Hail twisted! I’m going to have to sharpen my skillz, lol. I was going to pick heads … Congrats

  5. Ehh congrats twisted! A valiant effort from all 🙌

  6. well done twisted mate congats, and great effort everyone else for taking part better luck next time 😉

  7. @mackyThanks 

  8. Tails never fails 😉 Congrats Twisted!!! 

    Always a good comp, I enjoy the heads or tales! 

    What we saying next? Macky Price is right? 😉


    Twisted, drop me your addy mate and ill get these in the post 🙂

  9. Posted by: @macky

    Maybe i should just schedule it with an hour or so time, when everyone has had their guess?

    This^^^ 🙂

    Posted by: @macky

    Any suggestion on how to make this comp better please let me know

    Make sure the coin lands on whatever I choose 😉

  10. Ok, Twisted has chosen tails, which means Hart will get heads 🙂

    The flip is at 8pm GMT, 7 hours ish from now! 

    Here it is!

    Good Luck everyone!!!

    Maybe 24 for each flip is not enough time, next time should i increase to 48? Sorry for all those that missed the draw. 

    I schedule these flips well in advance to show they are fair and random. But this means that there is no wiggle room for times when getting the entries in. 

    Maybe i should just schedule it with an hour or so time, when everyone has had their guess? 

    Any suggestion on how to make this comp better please let me know, I enjoy this one, its a fun comp, I want to keep it around, but want to make sure it works well for everyone 🙂 

    In the meantime!! Good luck on the flip, lets hope it does land on its side 😉 lol 

  11. God dam it I forgot about the draw!! Ffs 🤦‍♂️ Good luck everyone 💛👊

  12. Good luck fellasIt was fun, I’m already looking forward to the next one!

  13. guess I missed it by that much … good luck guys

  14. Good luck guys 🙂

  15. Heads it was!!! Unlucky Leo!! So close mate! 

    Two left!

    Hart, and Twisted!

    This flip will be the decider of who wins, so, the member who has been here the longest will get to choose, heads or tails, or to pass the choice on to the other player. 

    So twisted, heads, tails, or pass 🙂 Your choice mate, good luck both 🙂 

  16. oooooooo tense lol 

  17. @cloudy_kitchen

    Unlucky man!! forgot you were even in it or I would have reminded you on twitter earlier lol

  18. Ah dammit, missed the boat on the 2nd flip, bugger

  19. Heads again

  20. Heads it is!!


    You are through to the next round 🙂 Well done! 

    Getting close to the end now with just four players remaining! 

    Here is the link for flip 3!!

    You have just under 24 hours to choose your side 🙂 

    Good luck!!

  21. Heads:




    Grower Urban
    Zombie Nation

    Even split at 4 each so far! Still half hour to go for you last guys to get your vote in 🙂

  22. if I’ma not late for round two🤪 Tails. cause I’ma tail kinda fella 😜 Sorry been busy, ya know how life gets and especially when ya have babies…  “Smoke it.. if ya got it.” 

  23. Just under 2 hours for the flip everyone!! Get your guesses in if you’re made it into this round 🙂 

  24. Thanks……. Heads

  25. Posted by: @hart @mackyHeyo Macky, gotta be honest here… I voted heads 😪  

    What an honest guy, good on ya.

  26. Posted by: @hart

    Heyo Macky, gotta be honest here… I voted heads

    So you did! my bad, rushing, high, should really get this shit double checked before posting lol. 

    Extra life for honesty though, 😉 Thanks Hart! 

  27. @mackyHeyo Macky, gotta be honest here… I voted heads 😪  

  28. heads this time

  29. Haha…tails again for me 🙂

  30. @tallgrows

    Sorry mate! you missed the first flip, this is flip 2 now, you missed it by a couple of hours. 

    We will have another comp soon mate, sorry you missed this one, but welcome to Percys 🙂 

  31. Let it ride on TAILS please

  32. Heads all the way

  33. If you chose tails in the last round, you’re through, make your choices here before the flip tomorrow 🙂 

  34. Heads

    White Widow


    Grower Urban
    Zombie Nation

    The flip has happened!! 

    Tails is the Winner!

    So!! I you chose tails, Please choose heads or tails for the next flip 🙂 

    If you chose heads, unfortunately you’re out! But dont worry ill be getting another comp started real soon 🙂 

    Grower Urban
    Zombie Nation

    You have 20 hours to make your choices

    Head or tails, here is the link for the next flip:

    Flip 2

    Good luck everyone! 

  35. oooo I love games lol. Tails please! 

  36. Got about 20 entries so far, i’ll get the list sorted tomorrow and we can see where we stand so far 🙂 

  37. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa 👊 love this game 😉 thanks for the comp guys I’m going to choose heads please 👍

  38. TAILS herethanks!

  39. Tails please 👍

  40. Tails for me 🙂

  41. Tails for me 😁gotta love some good tail lol 😉

  42. Im a HEADs type of guy. Every time.

  43. @phil

    Good luck Mate 🙂 Make sure you check the known user section for the comp there too 😉 

  44. Feel free to share this on social media now everyone 🙂 

  45. tails…. please

  46. Tails for me

  47. Tails never fails…nice one Ali Bongo…& cheers for the comp Macky 🙂

  48. Heads.   I love this game 

  49. HEADS !  good luck u guys

  50. shhhaweeeeeet get me some of that quens nose lolHEADS

  51. Tails up in here !

  52. Heads please 

  53. TAILS for me please

  54. HEADS. or else.Thanks VERY MUCH to Ali Bongo for the deadly gear, and Percys for another deadly contest. 

  55. Ok everyone, it is ready, what’s it gonna be? Heads or tails? 

    Good Luck!!

    and much love to Ali Bongo for the care package! 

    Comment head, or tails, to enter:

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