Percys Grow Room is a cannabis growers forum and website, designed to help people grow their own cannabis for personal use.

If you are a cannabis user, smoker, recreational or medical, you need to grow your own. Percys Grow Room will teach you everything you need to know about growing cannabis and using cannabis for medicine.

Learn from our extensive list of Grow Guides, and sign up to our cannabis growers forum. We will help you grow your own, and also of mentorship from on of our many forum members. Why not sign up now, so you can get get started?

The site was founded in November of 2018, by Percy Grower. With the idea of combining a cannabis growers forum, but with a website to display the content written by the members.

All of the guides you see on Percys Grow Room are written by experience cannabis growers, and members of our forum. If you ever have any questions, email one of the team, we are always happy to help!

Meet the Team

The team here are Percys Grow Room is always growing. As members of our forum progress in Grow skill, and gain respect in the community, they are promoted.

There are different levels to achieve in the forum, but every single me,bear contributes to the running of the site, we are all team members. Sign up, to speak to any one of our members, and ask for help and advice with your grow.

Percy Grower

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Founder and owner of Percy Grow Room

For information on anything regarding Percys Grow Room, please feel free to email Percy.

Contact: [email protected]

Experience in hydroponics, coco growing, organics.


Macky, cannabis grower, Percysgrowroom.com, Thctalk.com, coco grower, organic grower

Forum Administrator.

Ask the man a question, if he doesn’t know the answer, he will find it! Macky is an experienced growers in many mediums, with many different Grow lights. He is always high, so is a very friendly person. Message him and say hi!

Email: [email protected]

Forum Profile: Macky

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All team members are active members of the forum, and experienced cannabis growers! So feel free to message any of them there, if you have any questions at all!

Enjoy the forum, enjoy the site! We have built it, for you!

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