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Percys Grow Room is a cannabis forum and website designed to help people learn to grow their own personal supply of cannabis. Since being founded in November 2018, Percys Grow Room has helped hundreds of thousands of people grow their own weed. From beginners just starting out, to experienced growers looking to improve their skills. You can sign up to the forum and be involved in the community. Or you can scan through the hundreds of guides that will teach you how to grow cannabis step by step.

What is Our Mission?

We believe that everyone has the right to grow their own personal supply of cannabis. Percys Grow Room has been built to help as many people as possible learn to do so. Sometimes learning to grow cannabis can be overwhelming, as there is a lot of information to learn. Our cannabis grow guides are simple, and easy to follow, with easy to understand pictures. We have a friendly community who are always happy to help a fellow grower with any questions. Everything you need to learn how to grow your own cannabis is right here on this website.

Bringing you Safe, Clean Cannabis


Growing your own cannabis is not only a great hobby, but it is the safest way for you to acquire cannabis. It doesn’t matter if you buy cannabis is from the legacy market, or a licenced dispensary, it can still be contaminated. From mould spores, pesticides, bugs and dust, you never know what the cannabis you have bought may be contaminated with. When you grow your own buds, you know what that plant has been through, from seed to harvest. You know what foods it was fed, and if any pesticides where used. As a result, you can pretty much guarantee it will be high quality, safe and cheap!

Cannabis is expensive and it is still sold on the legacy market in many places. The money spent on illegal cannabis sales goes to criminal organisations and gangs. This can end up to be a huge amount of funding to dangerous organisations. Even on the legal market, cannabis can be ridiculously priced, and people who need it for medicine, simply can not afford it.

Because of these things, we have built Percys Grow Room. We want you to have access to safe, clean, and fairly priced cannabis. We want to reduce the amount of money flowing into the pockets of criminals and large corporations. The best cannabis you will ever smoke will be your own home grown, and we will teach you how to do it. It is much easier than you think, and you have all the help you need in our cannabis growers forum.

Our Cannabis Growers Forum

Sometimes a grow guide can only take you so far. There are so many different aspects to growing cannabis, it can be hard to find an answer to the specific questions you have. In our cannabis growers forum, we have thousands of members, who grow in all sorts of different ways. Some will do stealth grows in a small chest of drawers, some will have big grow tents and top of the range lighting. By coming to our forum, and asking for help, you get an answer that is specific to your needs, and not a rough idea of the problem from a guide.

A great way to learn anything is by making mistakes, and by learning from the mistakes other people have made before you is the best way. At Percys Grow Room, we show our mistakes with no shame, as they can help the rest of the community learn too. You will never see a grower put down for having a sick plant, or told they are not good enough to grow. We all encourage and inspire each other to do better, and that is what makes us the best cannabis forum online!

We also have free competitions that anyone can enter to win seeds, merchandise and grow gear. You can find discount codes for seed banks and grow shops, and find friendship amongst like minded people. Percys Grow Room is the home for cannabis growers, and all Percy Growers are welcome.

Cannabis Grow Guides


Percys Grow Room has hundreds of guides for growers of all levels. Each one of our cannabis grow guides are written by experienced growers, and members of our forum. They are written in a simple easy to follow way, and have awesome infographics to make the guide easier to understand. Not only that, but if you have any questions about any of the guides you are reading, you can add a comment to the post and some one from the forum will be able to reply to you.

Everything here at Percys Grow Room is free, you will never need to pay anything for being here! We want everyone to learn how to grow their own cannabis. There is no pay wall, or consultation fees. We just want to help everyone enjoy this hobby as much as we do. So no matter if you’re here just to read the guides, or whether you are a member of the community, you will learn lot, have a good time, and not pay nothing for it.

Our Cannabis Podcast

Every week we have a podcast that streams live on YouTube! High on Home Grown is a cannabis podcast made for stoners, by stoners. Each episode covers the latest cannabis news and events, grow guides, and interviews. You can hear interviews from names like, Tommy Chong, Jorge Cervantes, Ed Rosenthal, Frenchy Cannoli, Jordan River, Dana Larsen, Steve DeAngelo and many more. Each episode is more like a session with your friends, and delivers a fine balance of stoner entertainment and information.

High on Home Grown is hosted by Macky, the forum administrator, and co-hosted by Monkey Do. We also have Bubble Hok, Marge and Temple Grower as regular panel members with occasional drop ins from special guests like Chad Westport and The High Ladies. Ranging from the UK, Australia, Canada and the USA, we have an international panel that can offer the perspective from growers all over the world. It is free to download on all major podcasting platforms, and there is new episodes every week.


Meet the Team

The admin and mod team are here to answer your questions, run competitions, and maintain the forum. If you have any problems with the site, you privately message them or start a thread in the forum, and mark it private. All members of Percys Grow Room will have their first few posts moderated by the admin team. This ensures you never see any spam, or plugs in the forum. Suggestions and feedback for the site can also be sent to the admin team, and they will discuss it in a future meeting.


You can contact our forum admin via PM through the forum. For any other enquiries please use our contact form


Macky, Percys grow room, High on Home Grown Host, Cannabis writer and content creator, coco grow, website owner,

Grows cannabis in all mediums, currently growing in organic living soil, but is predominantly a coco grower. Macky is the founder of Percys Grow Room, and started building the site in November 2018.

Macky is the host of Cannabis Podcast High on Home Grown, and through that has made friends with some of the biggest names in cannabis. He is also a cannabis author, and content creator for many cannabis publicists and websites.


Monkeydo, admin of Percys grow room, panel member on High on Home Grown, leader in the cannabis community

MonkeyDo grows cannabis in Coco. He is from the south east United States, and uses cannabis for medical and adult purposes. Monkey is the main guy in the forum, and he will be able to change your username, email address, password, and award you bling.

If you need a diary moved after its is completed, Monkey is the man to speak to. He is the backbone of the community and is always ready to help our members




Twisted1 is one of the original members of Percys Grow Room. He is a legal grower coming out of the USA. Twisted builds his own watering systems, and runs an automated grow room during certain times of the year when he is on the road working.

He also grows cannabis in living soil and is always ready to help new growers get their own grow up and running.

Bubble Hok


Bubble Hok is not only a member of Percys, but he is also a panel member on our cannabis podcast High on Home Grown. He grows cannabis in coco and loves to press his cannabis into high quality rosin! He consumes a lot of cannabis.

Also known as “Bubble”, Bubble hok is an Australian grower that is an expert in growing autoflowering cannabis plants.



Stootie is a legendary grower from the UK. He has been a member of Percys and a pillar of the community for a long time. He is the guy who keeps track of all of the grow diaries on the forum and monitors who needs bling.

If you need any help with the way the forum works, or you need any badges awarded or editing to your posts, contact Stootie!



Woodi is our hydroponics expert and knows everything there is to know about hydro. He is humble so he would disagree with this claim, but his work speaks for itself. If you grow in hydro and need help, Woodi is the man to speak to.

Hailing from the USA and bringing with him a sense of humour that helps make Percys a special, laid back and welcoming place.

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