How Do I Post a New Thread?

To post a new thread is very easy. In this guide, we are going to show you how to create your own threads. Many people reading this will be brand new members of our cannabis forum. So the chances are, you haven’t posted a thread yet. Because of this, we will take you through everything you need to know about starting an introduction thread, so you can say hi to the community and learn how to start a thread at the same time. Again, this is very easy, and it will only take you a few minutes to make your first post. So let’s begin at the start by going to the “Introduce Yourself” forum section.

Start off by clicking the button below. That will open the “Introduce Yourself” section in a new window. Then you can follow this guide and start the new thread step by step. Let’s do it!

The Add Thread Button

When you are on the “Introduce Yourself” page, you will see a green button that says “Add Thread”. It will be near the top of the page, on the right-hand side of the forum’s header section. See the image below to know where to find it. It will look something like this:

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The “Add Thread” button can be found in every section of the forum, in the same place as you see it here. So, no matter what section you’re in, if you want to start a thread, just click this button. In most sections, it will be green like this. But you can also see the “Add Thread” button on the front end of the forum. In these cases, the button will be grey. But it still does the same thing.

Now that you have located the “Add Thread” button, click it. You will see a text editor box open up.

The Text Editor Box

The text editor box will open up beneath the forum header. In this case, it will open up below the section that says “Introduce Yourself.” It will appear something like this:

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You will see that there are many different sections in this form. So, we will make our way through it from left to right and top to bottom. It may look a little complicated, but I assure you it’s very easy to post a thread. Let’s start with “Topic Prefixes”.

Topic Prefix

A topic prefix is usually set before a post so that users can easily see what the post is about. When you see topic prefixes on complete threads, you can click it to see more threads about the same topic. For example, “Sick Plant”. If you start a thread using this prefix, it will be shown in a list of similar threads that also have the prefix of “Sick Plant”.

You don’t really need a topic prefix for your introduction post, so for now, leave that as it is and we will move onto the threads’ title.

Thread Title Box

This is where you can add a title for your thread. In this case, you should write something like “(Your Username) Introduction”. In other threads for other topics, however, you should try to be as descriptive as possible with your thread titles, but at the same time, don’t make it too long. You want other users on the forum to know what your thread is about without making it too long.

When you have chosen your thread title and you’re happy to move forward, click on the big white box; this is the text editor box. You will put your content in here.

The Text Editor

This is where the main content of your thread will go. In this case, because we are in the introduction section, it will be a brief introduction about yourself. Tell us a little about your growing experience, your love of cannabis, maybe a little about yourself, but of course, keep security in mind. Say hi, tell everyone your username, and maybe even let everyone know how you found out about the forum and why you signed up. Whatever you think is necessary, it is your introduction, have fun with it.

You can also see a toolbar at the top of the text editor. This has lots of options. We will cover them briefly so you know what they do:

Text Editor Toolbar

  • 11pt (Font Size): Changes the size of your text.
  • The Capital B: Makes text bold
  • Italic I: Makes text italic
  • The Underlined U: Makes your text underlined.
  • Strikethrough ABC: Add a line through your text.
  • The Capital A: Change the colour of your text.
  • Bullet Point List: Starts a list with bullet points, like the one you’re reading now
  • Numbered List: Starts a list with numbers.
  • The Thick Dash: Adds a horizontal line in your text.
  • Text Alignment Options: Align text left, centre, right, or have no alignment.
  • 1st Chain Link Icon: Adds links to highlighted words
  • 2nd Chain Link Icon: Removes links from highlighted words.
  • Speech Marks: Adds a “Block Quote”.
  • Triangular Brackets: For adding or editing code in your posts.
  • The Plus Sign in a Circle: Adds text that will be hidden unless it is opened by the reader.
  • Undo and Redo Icons: To undo, or redo any work in the text editor box.
  • Clip Board: Removes features from pasted text.
  • Semi Colon in Brackets: Edit the source code of your post.
  • Smiley Face: Add basic emojis.
  • Box with Four Arrows: Make the text editor full screen.

Lastly, in the bottom right-hand corner of the text editor box, you will see a few dots. You can hold it with your mouse or thumb and pull it. This will increase or decrease the size of the text box accordingly. Take some time to experiment with these options if you like. There are a lot, but many of them do not get used very often. Just use them as you see fit.

Adding GIFs and Emojis to your Post

Directly underneath the text editor box, you will see two icons: a colorful rectangle and a smiley face. If you would like to add GIFs to your post, then click on the colorful rectangle. A box will open, allowing you to search Giphy for lots of different GIFs. Also, if you would like to add custom emojis to your threads, click on the smiley face under the text editor. This will give you many options for lots of cool custom emojis.

My Media, and Attach Files

These two buttons are used to add images to your threads or posts. The “My Media” button will show you all of the images you have uploaded on to the forum. You can scroll through them and choose which ones to post without having to upload them again. The “Attach Files” button is there to upload new images to the forum. Click on that and a new box will open where you can upload images from your device or take a picture with your camera. There will be more about this in another thread.

How to Make A Thread Private

The next box down is used to make your thread private. Clicking on this box will ensure that your thread is only visible to the mod and admin team. So, if you have any issues or you just want to share something with the mod and admin team, feel free to use this button. The thread can always be made public later on, or a public thread can always be made private too. If you have any security concerns with your post, make it private and let the team help you if you prefer.

Adding Topic Tags

Topic tags help keep the forum organized. We allow users to add up to 5 tags to their threads. This can be anything like “new grower”, “coco grow”, “outdoor grow”, and many more. These tags can be clicked by the reader and it will show all threads that are related by these tags. Be aware though, keep them lowercase, and don’t use any more than five or the thread will not be posted.

Subscribe to This Thread

Subscribing to a thread is a great way to stay up to date with any new posts added to it. You will receive email notifications when a new post is added to any thread you are subscribed to. Subscriptions can be changed in your profile. Just head to the “Subscription” tab to unsubscribe from any threads that are no longer useful to you.

Preview Before You Post a New Thread

At the very bottom of the “add a thread” form, you will see three options. The first one is “Preview”. Clicking this will allow you to see your thread before you post it. If you are like me, you do your best proofreading after posting a thread. So, to prevent you from posting threads with errors, try previewing it to see what it looks like first.

Revision and Saved Threads

It’s the worst when you have spent ages putting a thread together and you lose connection to the forum. Or maybe sometimes you’re halfway through writing a diary update and you have to leave to go to the shop or something. Well, every 5 minutes the forum will automatically save your work for you. So if you lose connection or need to save the thread, you can!

If you click the “Revisions” button, you will be shown revisions of your post over time. You just have to choose which one you want to use and then click “Restore”. As I mentioned, posts are saved automatically every five minutes. But you can also click the “Save” button anytime to save your work and return to it later.

Post a New Thread!

That is it! You have added a title and your post content in the text editor. You have added your tags, maybe some emojis or GIFs, and you’re ready to post your first thread. Make sure you preview it and check for any errors, but when you think you are ready, there is just one more thing to do. Click the green button on the bottom right, the button that says “Add Thread.” That is it! Once pressed, your thread will be uploaded onto the forum, and other members can interact with it!

Thanks for Participating in the Forum!

Now that you have posted your first thread, members can interact with your post. They will leave comments welcoming you to the forum, and they may also leave likes. Over time, you will earn lots of likes, and likes give you bling! So keep an eye out for new badges appearing on your forum profile as you earn more likes. Thanks for participating in the forum. I hope you enjoy this place, and I hope you become part of our ever-growing community. Don’t forget, if you need any help with any of this, feel free to ask the mod or admin team for assistance. Just start a thread and label it private if you need to. We are always happy to help.

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