How to Grow Cannabis Without Getting Caught

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When you grow cannabis, security is always a huge issue. Cannabis is a valuable crop, and if anyone finds out about your grow, it may be taken. It is important to know how to grow cannabis without getting caught, the more people that know about your grow, the more risk you have of losing it.

In this guide, we will discuss ways to keep your cannabis grow secret, why you need to keep it to yourself and more importantly, how to grow cannabis with minimal risk!

If you are concerned about security, and safety whilst growing cannabis, feel free to ask for help and advice in our cannabis growers forum


Cannabis Growers Security

The legality of cannabis growing is changing all over the world, some people are allowed to grow a few plants legally, other will be prosecuted for even growing one small plant.

Regardless of legality, cannabis growers security is always a top priority. Even in places where growing cannabis is legal, your crop can still be a target to criminals, and you need to take security seriously.

You have to take every precaution necessary to keep your crop a secret.

Keeping an Indoor Cannabis Grow Hidden

When you are growing cannabis for personal use, you will not need a lot of room for your grow. This makes it easier to keep it hidden, but there are still some things you can overlook, that will expose the location of the crop.

Here are some tips, to help you keep your indoor grow room hidden, and undetected, it is just one of the many steps to follow if you want to grow cannabis without getting caught.

Controlling Outward Light Leaks

Growing cannabis indoors takes some bright lights! When the lights are on, and you open your grow room, a lot of that light will escape, and light up whatever room it is in.

For most percy growers, growing indoors, you will be using a room in your house, or the loft.

Lights used for growing cannabis not only give off a lot of light, but light of certain spectrums:

HPS: Orange
MH: Blue
LED: Purple / Red / Blue
QB / CMH: White

If there are windows in your grow room, or the room you have your grow tent in, you need to ensure that no light leaks to the outside when the tent or room is open.

If a bright intense light of an unusual colour is seen from outside, it can easily be assumed that you are growing cannabis. There are 2 easy ways to control outward light leaks from your grow room:

1: Blackout Curtain or Blinds
Make sure all windows are covered by blackout material. It’s better if these can be opened and closed, as having windows that are always blacked out may also raise suspicion.

2: Cover the Opening to the Grow Room
By having a curtain hanging over the front of the entrance to your grow room, you can get behind that, before opening the doors. This will stop the light from escaping behind you, and prevent outward light leaks.

Excessive Noise from Fans in the Grow Room

When you grow cannabis indoors, it is vital to the health of the plant that you have good air circulation, and a supply of fresh air. This involves fans, and it can get noisy, as more fans get added to the grow room.

The fans in your grow room will never be turned off. The grow room will need 24/7 extraction, and at least one fan in the grow room to blow air around. If these are not placed correctly, they will make a constant hum throughout the grow, and that can raise suspicion if heard by neighbours.

Reducing Noise from Grow Room Fans

There a few easy ways to massively reduce the amount of sound coming from your grow room. As a fan spins, it vibrates, and these vibrations will pass through any surface the fans are on. You can reduce these vibrations by either:

1: Slowing Down the Speed of you Fans

Grow Cannabis Without Getting Caught, extractor fan speed reducer

For some models of extractor, it is possible to slow them down to reduce their noise by using a plug in dimmer.

Using these can reduce the life span of your extractor fan slightly, but it can be worth it if the sound of the extractor is too much.

Try buying an extractor that is bigger than you need, and the use plug in dimmer to reduce the speed. This will still give you adequate extraction, but with a much quieter fan.

2: Hang your Fans

As a fan spins, it vibrates, these vibrations will pass into hard surfaces and make noise. If you can stop these vibrations passing into solid objects, you can reduce the sound massively.

Try hanging your fans inside the grow room, with bungee cords, or anything strong enough to hold them in place. This will stop the vibration from passing into the floor, and reduce the sound.

3: Place your Extractor in a Box

You can easily build a box to fit your extractor into. Have padding inside this box to help reduce the vibrations from the extractor. This will stop the immediate sound of the fan hum escaping into the room, and it will also stop vibrations spreading the sound further.

Bringing Equipment into the Grow Room

Grow room equipment can be bulky, and hard to conceal. Especially when you need bags of soil moving into your house or grow space.

When you order any grow equipment online, you should confirm with the seller, that it will arrive with discreet packaging. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, in some cases, you may not be in to receive it, and it may be left with a neighbour. Discreet packaging is massively important!

It’s a little obvious what you’re doing if a box with the words LED grow light show up at your house. To grow cannabis without getting caught, never underestimate how important discreet packaging is.

If you buy anything from your local hydro shop, they will most likely give you a black bag to cover the product, so it is already well hidden. But use your own judgement, if you have nosey neighbours, or live on a busy street, don’t just take grow equipment alone into the house.

By doing some regular shopping, and bringing that in, with any grow gear, will reduce suspicion from any one who might be watching.

Disposing of Your Grow Properly

First off, DO NOT FLY TIP!! You need to dispose of your grow equipment and waste responsibly. On some occasions, you may hear of growers illegally disposing of their crops. This is a massive rule breaker, and it will bring you trouble.

Disposing of Old Grow Equipment

Grow Cannabis Without Getting Caught, fly tipping,

You can take any grow equipment to the local tip, none of the equipment you have is illegal, even if you are growing in a country where cultivation is prohibited. There is never any good reason to litter the streets with used grow equipment you no longer need.

Fly tipping will also bring more attention to you, and your hobby. This equipment will be found, and the police will try and trace who threw the equipment away. Dispose of your grow equipment properly, and you will reduce the chances of being prosecuted.

Disposing of Harvested Crops

After you have harvested your cannabis plants, there will be some left over plant matter you need to get rid of. This can be difficult.

Stems, root balls, and fan leaves are all biodegradable, and they can be composted easily. This is the best option, and if you can get a composter for you old harvests, you can get rid of plant matter safely there, and have a good source of compost in the future to feed your plants.

Burying the crop is always a good option. Not only will this keep the smell of the plants covered, but the plant matter will break down naturally, and fertilise the soil.

You must be a respectful grower, and keep the impact on the environment, and people around you, to a minimum.

Rules to Growing Cannabis Without Getting Caught

If you want to grow cannabis without getting caught, there are some simple rules you must follow. These rules can not be broken! If you do, you will be increasing the risk of being caught.

Follow these rules, never break them, and you can grow cannabis without getting caught:

Don’t Tell

Loose lips sink ships. Nobody needs to know about your grow. Keep it to yourself, and only discuss it with members of the forum. Information spreads quickly, even if one person finds out, it won’t be long before others know too.

Growing cannabis is a great hobby, and you want to share it with others, but it is not worth the risk. It is rule number one for a reason, if you break this, you’re asking for trouble.

Don’t Sell

Selling cannabis without a license is illegal. If you are selling cannabis illegally, you are not only a drug dealer, but you are also earning a tax free income. This is not a position you should ever be in.

Illegal distribution of cannabis, and tax evasion, will bring with it heavy punishments. All you want to do is grow a few plants for yourself, don’t sell cannabis, it will only bring trouble your way.

Cover the Smell

For your grow to stay undetected, you need to make sure the smell is covered, especially when the plant is flowering and harvested. The smell of a cannabis plant can be very pungent, and if it’s not filtered correctly, your location will be exposed.

You can use a carbon filter to scrub the air from your grow room before it is exhausted outside. This will remove the organic particles, and reduce the smell.

A carbon filter is a necessary piece of grow equipment, don’t ever grow without one.

Read more about the three rules on how to grow cannabis without getting caught here:

How Many Cannabis Plants is Too Many

Unless you grow in a place where cannabis cultivation is legal, even 1 plant is too many. You may hear rumors of it being ok to grow up to nine if you are in the UK, this is not true. If cannabis cultivation is illegal in your country, it doesn’t matter how many plants you have.

The bigger your grow setup, the harder it is to keep hidden. You will not have a massive grow setup, as you are grower for personal use. Stay small scale and only for personal use and you can grow cannabis without getting caught.

Even if cultivation is illegal, if you can prove that you are only growing for personal use, the consequences will be far less extreme. Just keep it personal, don’t get greedy, only ever grow enough cannabis to last you until your next harvest.

If you are growing legally, and have been given a limit to how many plants you can grow, then stick to that limit and never exceed it! With the right techniques, you can grow a huge supply of personal cannabis with just one plant, there is never a need to go crazy with plant numbers.

What to do if you are Caught Growing Cannabis

If you get caught growing cannabis, it is because you have broken one or more of the rules. Hopefully, it wasn’t rule number 2!

Always remember the police are only doing their jobs, if you get caught growing illegally, it is not their fault, it is the politicians in your country that are to blame. Be polite and respectful and it will seriously help your case.

If you are only growing for personal use, you can explain this to the officers, and things may go down smoothly. In some cases, they will take your plants, and equipment, but you may not even need to attend court.

As long as you can prove that you grow for personal use, and you don’t have evidence of drug dealing as well as growing, your punishment should be light, as long as you stay cool and calm.

Thanks for reading Percy Growers, stay safe, and happy growing!

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  1. Great guide to staying private and safe.
    Knowing your rights and exercising them will always help you. Like if a copper demands u let them in or that you speak to them, know you have the right to privacy and to silence.
    He that can exercise rights has rights.
    He that doe not exercise rights has none.
    Know that Law and Legal are polar opposites and laws trump legal (known as primacy).
    Do what you love, love what you do!

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