How to Make Neem Oil Pesticides

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The easiest way to kill any pest on a cannabis plant is by using pesticides. There are many on the market, which can all contain chemicals you do not want near anything you grow. Mix your own neem oil pesticides at home by using organic neem oil and castile soap. This is an organic, natural way to treat pests, and is very effective.

You will need a few things to make neem oil pesticides. All of which are easily attainable online, and can be with you tomorrow. Order now and get them with you as soon as possible.

1: Cold Pressed Organic Neem Oil

Neem Oil pesticides, neem oil

Neem oil is a natural pesticide. It essentially, is a nerve agent for bugs. Neem oil will stop their brains functioning, and they will forget to eat, sleep, reproduce and produce waste. It can be used to kill many pests on a cannabis plant, and it causes no harm to the plant itself.

As long as it is used in the right dosage, and in the right intervals, neem oil will be able to get rid of most pest problems within a week to ten days.

2: Castile Soap

castile soap, neem oil, pesticides

Castile soap is free of any scent, so if it has to be used on flowers, it will not effect the flavour. Using soap will help emulsify the neem oil and spread it evenly through the water you are going to use to make the spray. It will also make the surface of the leaves slippery. This will prevent bugs from laying eggs on them, as they can not hold on to the surface so easily.

3: Spray Bottle

mister bottle

Once you have your neem oil and soap, you will mix them with water and put them in a bottle to spray your plants. You will need a bottle that can spray a fine mist of your solution. It should also be able to hold around 1L.

There are bigger bottles you can buy with other types of triggers that can make this easier if you have a big crop. The principle remains the same, you will mist the plants with a neem oil and soap solutions.

How to Mix the Neem Pesticide

This has to be a very specific dosage, too much, and you can burn you plants and cause further damage. Make sure you are using the neem oil above. That will ensure the dosage is accurate.

Warm up the neem oil

The neem oil will be in a solid state under 18c, so it will have to be warmed up a little before you can use it. Fill a jug of warm water, and place the bottle of neem oil in it. Leave it there for five minutes, the water will bring the neem oil to the right temperature.

Fill Spray Bottle With Warm Water

Whilst the neem oil warms up, take your 1L spray bottle and fill it near the top, with lukewarm water. The water must be warm, to help the neem oil stay as a liquid, if it is too cold, it will go back to solid when it goes into the water.

Add 2ml of Castile Soap

Take 2ml of castile soap, and gently stir it into the warm water. Do not shake it, try not to have any foam form. Once it will well mixed into the water you can add the neem oil

Mix in 4ml of Neem Oil

When the neem oil is warm enough to be in its liquid state, shake it well, and take 4ml of it. Gently stir the meem oil into the water until it is dispersed well. Do not use this mix after eight hours. Use it straight away before the water cools down. It needs to be at room temperature and offer as little shock to your plants as possible.

If you have any questions about how to make neem oil, then feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growers forum

What Does Neem Oil Kill?

Neem oil will kill most pests that are a risk to cannabis plants. Thrips, spider mites, aphids, fungus gnats, as long as it is used on regular occasions, it will keep all bugs away from your grow room.

Even if you do not have bugs right now, you should have neem oil pesticides on hand and use it once a week around your grow room to prevent bugs moving in in the first place. It is a cheap, and effective deterrent for bugs.

For a specific guide on how to kill all cannabis pests, see our plant problems section, or ask for help in our forum. Prevention is better than cure for bugs. See how you got bugs in the first place by reading our guide on prevention.

A few final notes

Be careful when using any pesticides and try and avoid contact with it. Wear a mask and gloves to prevent breathing it in and any skin contact.

Finding bugs can be devastating, but it can easily be fixed! Do not stress, if you are in need of urgent help, you only have to ask in our forum and someone will be with you quickly! We have all been there before, and we all learn lessons from these mishaps. Let’s get the issue fixed and move on.

Thanks for reading! You can find more information on anything related to growing in our cannabis grow guides. All of our guides are written by experienced growers, and members of our cannabis growers forum. If you have any questions, sign up. It is free, and we are always happy to help!

Good luck Percy Growers, stay safe out there, and Happy Growing!

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  1. I purchased Dr. Bronner’s PURE-CATILE SOAP (18-in-1 Hemp Peppermint) last year with no foresight to a need. It has “Mentha Arvensis and Mentha Piperita" added for peppermint scent.

    Of course, I want to use what I have instead of buying unscented. Any comments for my consideration?

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