Keep a Cannabis Grow Hidden with These 3 Simple Rules

Knowing how to keep a cannabis grow hidden is very important to many growers. Some growers are still growing in countries that prohibit it, while others, even if growing legally, may want to avoid thieves discovering their grow and stealing it.

There are a few simple rules you should follow to prevent anyone from finding out about your grow. The fewer people who know about it, the safer it will be. So if you are concerned about growing cannabis because you don’t want people finding out, this is the perfect guide for you.

Keep a Cannabis Grow Hidden Rule 1: Do Not Tell!

Keep a Cannabis Grow Hidden, keep calm and shhhh,

This is pretty simple. Do not tell anyone about your grow! It is very easy to do, especially as a new grower. You may get excited and want to show off your cool new hobby to friends and family members, but it just isn’t a good idea.

You may fully trust the person you’re telling about your grow, but they might tell one person they trust too. Then that person tells someone else, and before you know it, everyone knows about your grow. It won’t take long before this information falls into the wrong hands, and you do not want that to happen.

Social Media Awareness

If you want to share the progress of your grow with others, you might consider doing so on social media. Lots of people do this, and you should be fine too, but always stay anonymous. Do not share pictures of your grow on personal social media pages. Make an account specifically for your cannabis hobby, and never reveal who you are online.

When sharing cannabis content on social media, it is very easy to get banned! Save yourself the trouble and just join our cannabis growing forum. Here you will be anonymous and can talk about your cannabis grow with people who love the hobby too.

Secure the Grow Area!

If you are growing outdoors, make sure the area you are growing in cannot be accessed by anyone without your consent. Do not leave gates open, avoid growing plants so tall that they show over your fence, and do what you can to make sure nobody can see your grow or get into the garden. Plants grown outdoors are at more risk of being found and stolen.

The same thing applies to growing indoors. Keep the room you are growing in locked and away from any potential visitors. You do not want someone to accidentally walk into the room. If possible, use a room that isn’t accessed by people often.

Make Sure It’s Quiet!

When growing indoors, you will be using fans and extractors, both of which make noise. Many times, we have seen news articles on how to identify if your neighbour is growing cannabis. One of the main things they look for, or rather listen for, is the constant sound of fans.

This is something you have to watch out for if you have visitors near your grow. Be cautious of what other people can hear if they are close to your grow room.

No Light Leaks!

The lights you use to grow cannabis indoors are very bright and powerful, much more so than standard house lighting. In some cases, the colour will be different from normal lighting too. For example, an orange glow from HPS bulbs or purple from some LEDs.

Make sure you use good blackout curtains and blinds on any windows in the room you’re growing in. Do not let any light escape and be seen by anyone.

Keep a Cannabis Grow Hidden Rule 2: Do Not Sell!

Keep a Cannabis Grow Hidden, dont sell cannabis,

Selling cannabis is still illegal in many places. Even if you can legally grow cannabis for personal use at home, selling it without a license will get you in trouble. The best thing you can do to stay safe and keep your cannabis grow hidden is not to sell it to anyone!

It can be very difficult to do! Your own homegrown will be much better than dispensary weed or street weed. Your friends will wonder where you got it from and if you can get some for them. You cannot do this!

Keep a Cannabis Grow Hidden Rule 3: Don’t Smell!

Keep a Cannabis Grow Hidden, rule 3, dont smell, man holding, no odor sign,

If you read news articles about cannabis raids on “sophisticated cannabis factories,” you will find that, in most cases, there is one big thing that got the grow discovered: the smell.

When cannabis is flowering, the smell will be very, very pungent! It is hard to describe just how pungent until you have experienced it yourself.

If not treated properly, the smell from just one plant will carry for hundreds of meters and will be noticed by someone. If that person knows the smell, you can get into trouble, both with authorities and with criminals!

You do not want your grow to be stolen, not by criminals and not by cops. You have to keep it hidden. That doesn’t mean just from people’s sight, but from people’s noses too! There are a few ways you can cover the smell of your cannabis grow, but one way in particular is seen as the most reliable.

Use a Carbon Filter and Extraction

When growing indoors, you will be using extractor fans to extract air out of the grow room and vent it outside. When the air is blown out, it will carry the pungent aroma of cannabis plants. To prevent this, you need to use a carbon filter.

A carbon filter is essentially a tube filled with charcoal. The air is pulled over the charcoal, where it will have organic matter removed from it. This is what reduces the smell. With a correctly sized carbon filter and fan setup, you should be able to keep the smell of your grow hidden and reduce the chances of it being found by anyone.

Using Air Fresheners to Cover Smell

Though it might seem like a good idea, do not use air fresheners near your grow. It will not cover the smell at all but more likely combine with it. It will just smell like air freshener and cannabis. Also, the spray will contaminate your buds!

The fine mist particles from the air freshener will carry in the air and be pulled into the grow room via your extraction. It will then land on the buds and taint their flavour, not to mention the possible toxic chemicals it could be adding to the flower. Avoid air fresheners and make sure you have your ventilation set up right, with a good carbon filter.

Summery of The 3 Main Rules

To summarize those 3 rules, we have:

  1. Don’t Tell
  2. Don’t Sell
  3. Cover the Smell

They are all massively important. Remember them and never underestimate how important they are. If you follow these three rules, you will keep a cannabis grow hidden from everyone. This is the best way to keep it safe! If you break these rules, you not only risk your freedom but also your safety. If you’re growing cannabis illegally, the authorities may come for you, and you will face legal consequences. But these are not the only ones to worry about.

Even for those who are growing legally, cannabis is still a highly sought-after crop! If the wrong people find out about it, they may burgle your home or the place you’re growing it. They may do this when you and your family are home, or they may do it when you’re out. Either way, you do not want this to happen.

Stay safe and do not break any of these 3 rules under any circumstances.

12 thoughts on “Keep a Cannabis Grow Hidden with These 3 Simple Rules”

  1. I find the smell the most difficult. My grow is in the garden greenhouse, which is located on the boundary of 2 neighbours. Luckily one of them never ventures into the garden and the others are usually at the far end of thiers.
    Main issue is opening up to water when they are in flower, the smell I lovely, but pretty potent.
    Basically try to get in and out as quick as poss and make sure no one is in the gardens.

  2. @stootie Can’t argue with that! If someone is selling, they are putting us all in danger because, if they get caught, most will sing like feckin canaries in an effort they believe will keep them from getting into more serious trouble. So, yeah, if you’re selling, go somewhere else we don’t want or need ya around!

  3. Excellent that pal , I would say most people I know who get busted are because of the old chestnut lose lips sink ships, tell no one at all best way and if you are selling it get a metal door fitted on your house at least it will give you half hour to say your goodbyes 😂

  4. Can’t add much …. but i would emphasize how important these 3 rules are…

    Having a dozen police barge into your home is not pleasant …. the whole process is likely to take 1-2 years and trust me, it will make your life miserable. If the worst happens, get advice and help – it’s out there if you look. In my experience …. it’s the CPS who will try to exploit you financially … POC being their major weapon …. so don’t give them any rope …. In my case they were (luckily) totally incompetent! Look into a Nelson hearing if they try and charge you with outrageous shit!
    My experience was 15 years ago …. so things may be a little easier now …. but listen to advice ….and follow the rules!!!


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