LA Peyote Kush, Autumn Grow Off

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Welcome to our LA Peyote Kush, Autumn Grow Off! 

Percys Grow Room has joined forces with Seedsman Seeds yet again, for another awesome grow off! This time, we will be growing LA Peyote Kush

The Grow off will begin on the 30th of September, 2020. This gives you time to make space in the grow room, and collect your free cannabis seeds from Seedsman. 

Seeds will be germinated throughout October, and entry will be closed on Halloween. All we ask you to do is pop your seeds in October, and start your grow off diary in the Grow Off Section of the forum! 

If you write the best diary, you will win a €250 Voucher to spend on whatever you like at Seedsman Seeds! 

Want to know more? Keep reading! 

LA Peyote Kush

LA Peyote Kush, Seedsman Seeds, Percys Grow room, Free cannabis seeds,

L.A. Peyote Kush is an indica-dominant hybrid. The parents of this strain are, L.A. Kush and Peyote Purple.

LA Kush’s origins are not well known, and some claim that it is derived from an OG Kush pheno-type, from Orange County in California and was grown from a single bag-seed.

Peyote Purple, meanwhile, is an S1 back-cross of Bubba Kush and is known for its high THC potential as well as its deep purple, almost black, appearance towards the end of flowering.

The flowering period takes 8-9 weeks, with a massive THC content of up to 25%!!

Another amazing Strain from Seedsman Seeds! And you can grow your own for free! All you have to do is sign up to the Autumn Grow off! 

Find out more about LA Peyote Kush right here: LA Peyote Kush

How to Enter Our LA Peyote Kush Grow Off

First off, you have to be a member of our cannabis growers forum. You should also have more than 100 forum posts, an avatar, and a grow diary already taking place on the forum too. 

Don’t worry, if you have got these yet, you have a few weeks from the time of writing this post to sign up and build up your credentials. We do grow offs like this numerous times a year. Sign up and become part of the grow off team. 

If you are already a member of Percys Grow Room, message forum admin for instructions on how to claim your free seeds

All Seedsman ask in return is you write a good diary, and share the grow on your social media if that is possible. 

If you are interested in signing up to our LA peyote Kush Autumn Grow off, then comment on this post! 

There will be a maximum of 30 people to enter, so get in quickly! 

Rules for the Autumn Grow Off

Pretty much, the main rules of any giveaway, competition or grow off at Percys, is play fair. The standard rules apply such as:

  • Only one entry per member! Multiple account holder will be banned! 
  • Grow one plant or the whole packet, that’s your choice. 
  • We must see weekly updates in your Autumn grow Off Diary, with pictures of the plant/s. 
  • Plants should be “Vegged” for no longer than 6 weeks before flowering.
  • Open a new diary thread in the Grow Off Section of the forum
  • Only one Grow off diary thread per member. 

How to Win the €250 voucher from Seedsman Seeds

When all diaries are completed, they will be added to a poll, where all members of Percys Grow Room will decide on which diary they think is best. 

This will be scored on quality of the information in each update, the pictures, the overall result and more. The community decides on which diary is best. Who ever gets the most votes, wins! 

The poll will run for 14 days upon completion of the last diary. If you are voted as the winner, you will be given your voucher for Seedsman, and you can buy whatever strains you like with that amount of money! 

Thank you to Seedsman Seeds! 

Seedsman have yet again looked after the Percy Growers. Our last grow off was with Seedsmans Jack Herrer, one of the tastiest strains of all time, often called “ The Perfect Hybrid”. Check out this video of the whole grow:

Many of our members grow with Seedsmans Seeds, they have quality genetics, and great prices. This LA Peyote Kush grow off will no doubt show off some of the amazing genetics Seedsman have to offer. 

Thank you to Seedsman yet again for your generosity, in giving the Percy Growers free seeds and offer an awesome prize to the winner! 

Sign up to the Autumn Grow Off Now!

As mentioned, this will be capped at 30 growers! So if you are interested in taking part, then get commenting below and let admin know. 

If you’re not a member of our cannabis growers forum, then you can still sign up and get involved in the community. Build up your post and reputation, and you could also take part in the grow off. 

All we ask is you have 100 posts, and preferably a diary either completed or running on our site. Don’t miss out on the chance to grow some amazing genetics.

Enter the LA Peyote Kush Autumn Grow Off Now! 

113 thoughts on “LA Peyote Kush, Autumn Grow Off”

  1. Sounds good, I’ll work on getting a voting thread together. Please be sure your diary is in the grow-off diary section. These posts take a bit to get everything compiled and correct but I’ll put it on my to do list. 

  2. Checking here to see if everyone is completely finished with these diaries in this diary writing comp. I am finished, how about you? Is it time to get the voting thread built and get the voting started? What do you say participants……

  3. Posted by: @canucklebudz

    What happens if I can’t start the germ in October

    We certainly cannot fault you if you don’t receive the seeds by then but a large number of us are also waiting so you are not alone here. Just start the grow when you get the beans and you will be OK.

  4. My order has shipped but they already missed their own self promised delivery date. So this helps relieve empty tent stress and prevents me grow popping other beans but now I’m anxious, just like a kid who can’t wait for Christmas.

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  5. It hasn’t been said yet so no worries anyone but we need to post all grow-off diaries in the grow off diary section on the forum. Having all diaries in one section, no matter how you are growing, let’s us all see each other’s progress more easily. If you started a diary elsewhere let me know and I can move your diary for you

  6. @noobgrowerpt Yer what is that about? Ill look into this mate and let you know whats the score is! 

    Seedsman have just eailed saying that all the entries i have sent them have now been sent out 🙂 You should all have an email/ your parcel by now 😉

  7. There should be more emails coming in today, i have messaged you if i need more info, but most of these should be on the way now 🙂 Please let me know when you get your email. I am going to close entry at the end of this week, after the show. So if anyone want to be in the grow off, let me know before then and send me your details so i can get it all sorted 🙂

    Gonna be a good one everyone! Looking forward to watching youll grow this goodness! 

  8. emails are being sent, i have just sent a new batch of emails to seedsman, so expect an email soon. Again, if you dont have one yet, and you haven’t sent me your info via PM, do so ASAP so we can get this ball rolling 🙂 

  9. This is really good news!!

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    Look at the bean count….. 10 seeds, twice what I was expecting. If this gets delivered as advertised this is a nice windfall. This is just the initial notification so we will see what gets mailed but Seedsman is being extremely generous with this grow off.

  10. OK!! Last time lol. Seedsman have emailed, more have been sent out, but they have now told me they need a phone number for delivery too. So, if you havent had an email from seedsman saying the seeds are on the way, i will need your number. 

    If you have received an email, then youre all good and the seeds are on the way 🙂 

    If you dont find an email, inbox me and we will get it sorted and we should all have beans in the post by the end of the week 🙂 


  11. @macky Great news and thanks for all the graft you’re putting in as always mate to get this up and running. My seeds from the vault should arrive Monday so all being well, i can do some germinating next weekend Thumbs Up  
    Will inbox you my details over now bro.


    Whats up everyone, I have been emailing Seedsman for the last week wondering whats going on and getting no reply….. they got back to me and said the emails were going to spam inbox so they missed them. 

    They have sent out to TG now, so they are on the way to you mate, as you already have an account with them. 

    For eveyone else, they have told me to make things quicker, can I give them your names, email adds, and addresses too.

    So sorry to be a pain, but instead of chasing everyone down, can you all inbox me with:

    Your name

    Your email address

    Your postal address

    and then i can get this sorted before the weekend and get everything sent out on Monday 🙂 

  13. Posted by: @redeyejedi

    Must of been a big issue she had with the guy on the last podcast

    Yesmate pretty much, she says she has had some problems with him in the past, I wont go into too much detail about that. But that all seems a bit BS too. She over reacted, took things much furtehr than she needed to. 

    I tried to calm her down and keep her here, but she wasn’t having any of it . Sometime this is just the way it goes. 

    If you all want a full explaination n shit, let me know ill fill you in with the details. But I  wont post this hit on an open thread 🙂 

  14. @zn Fuck man, thats a shame. I liked Ali and seems really out of character for her to end up insulting the admin team… I thought she was mates with most of you aswell. Must of been a big issue she had with the guy on the last podcast for it to go that far lol. Hope its all cool now though Thumbs Up  

  15. Posted by: @joshuaarr420
    @zn oh right okay damn must have been having a bad day or some shit hope she can get past it 😊

    We tried to get her to list her issues in a post and a thread was created, as opposed to a live show, where we are time constrained but no response…
    It is sad to lose her as she was a good member but when an acct. is deleted, thats it

  16. Posted by: @joshuaarr420
    Oh shit has ali been banned or has she just left and deleted her account?

    Ali asked for her account to be deleted after the HoH episode with Gary Youds…
    She has issues with Gary Youds & I suggested she put her views in the chat but she decided to insult him instead, we cant have that so her comments were deleted and she didnt like it…
    She then went on a message rampage to 3 members of the admin team because acct was not deleted instantly and she was still recieving emails that SHE DID NOT WANT…and then after her account was deleted, asked for it to be reinstated…
    We are a growers forum, not a school playground

  17. Posted by: @alij68
    @joshuaarr420 Thanks mate, yeah, daughter wants to try CBD without her head being affected…so was looking at Pink Kush..and Royal Queen Seeds have a 30:1 Auto that she’d like me to try…”Gonna need a bigger tent” haha

    Also ali cbd plants are legal to grow so yeah win win for you matey 😁

  18. @redeyejedi Thanks Bro, the friendship and support on here keeps me going. I reckon as soon as Eve is ready to even remotely toke…I’m a gonna be chonging it hahaaaa You done so well ,man 👍 ❤️  Be great when ya get settled in ya new place and have ya Peyote Kush on the go.

  19. @joshuaarr420 Oh,mate ya should watch the whole thing, it’s only,like 20 mins and Stephen King is sooo delightfully goofy in it. Good stuff is Creepshow 1 and 2…the rest are Le Poo.Man, I tell ya, I cant wait to get a perpetual grow going so my daughter and me never have to experience this much straightness ever again!She’s asked me to grow a Med CBD to see how that is, so that’s on the list as well now. 😉 

  20. @alij68 yes always ali people shouldnt be shy here its about being proud of what you do and it is quite an achievement to train eve the way you have so be proud and i hope its the dopest smoke you have ever tried 😁💚 and as for the film never seen it i will probably youtube hes death scene 🤣👊🏻

  21. @james Muchos gracias ,James 🙂 I might enter when Eve is looking good again (she looks a right mess today , poor Girl’s been abused with LSTing and SuperCropping…I’m letting her have a mini holiday from me lol)

  22. @joshuaarr420 Aw, mate you’re so supportive – Big Thankies. You’ve stopped me losing the plot many times lol ❤️ (green heart,Bro, ya know it is)As for Eve being “a beauty”…..I took a photo of her the other day and there was a freaky resemblance to Jordy Verrill’s death scene!! 🤣 😱 (If you aint ever watched the original and brilliant Creepshow  check out ” The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill” muwahahaaaa )

  23. Posted by: @alij68
    @joshuaarr420 haa…thanks man. I’ve been called worse things than plonker today 😆  (was in a “swear off “with my daughter, we had loads of fun, most of it unprintable 🤣 ) Well, seeing as I can write the label thingy, I’ll wait until she is looking particularly good then enter  POTM, howszat? 👍 

    That sounds awesome ali im super proud of you right now girl 😁 yeah 🤣 i think she will be a beauty

  24. @joshuaarr420 haa…thanks man. I’ve been called worse things than plonker today 😆  (was in a “swear off “with my daughter, we had loads of fun, most of it unprintable 🤣 ) Well, seeing as I can write the label thingy, I’ll wait until she is looking particularly good then enter  POTM, howszat? 👍 

  25. @alij68 a printed entry for POTM isn’t absolutely necessary but is very nice. You are allowed to hand write a sign for your entry but you will receive a one point deduction for doing so but POTM hasn’t been won by a single vote in a while now. If it’s a winner you should be fine but by all means give it a try, you never know what will happen.

  26. Posted by: @alij68
    Oh, I’d love the voucher,mate, but not the stress that I’d place on myself to win them…but at some distant point, I’ll enter Eve if she’s looking good in Flower…don;t know where I;d print off the Entry Card though….um…wait n see.

    Pretty sure you could just write it on a piece of pape not everyone has a printer so thats not a problem i dont think cant really just be like you need a certain sign to even enter you plonker i think its more so they know its your photo thats all also it displays a little bjt of info on the plant

  27. Oh, I’d love the voucher,mate, but not the stress that I’d place on myself to win them…but at some distant point, I’ll enter Eve if she’s looking good in Flower…don;t know where I;d print off the Entry Card though….um…wait n see.

  28. Posted by: @alij68
    Now my mate has shown up with a Chippy tea so I’m off lol ..time does not wait for buttery bread and chips 🤣 😆 🤣 

    say no more ali enjoy, and hopento see your name in the grow off 😁😁 just think you win you get a voucher for more seeds for you and your daughter too without having to purchase either 💚 enjoy the chippy 😁

  29. @joshuaarr420 Oh, Bro, I have to call Bullshit 🤣 🤣 🤣 My Diary is descriptive ,yes, but by far, the least professional of the lot 😆 I don’t mind that, though, as long as Macky and the Crew are okay with it not following the Diary Template.Mind you, mate, got a much better Ph meter on the way and it has TDS and EC as well  (yay!) so might improve my info. I saw GB recommend it someone with a low budget and jumped at it.Now my mate has shown up with a Chippy tea so I’m off lol ..time does not wait for buttery bread and chips 🤣 😆 🤣 

  30. @alij68 a diary is a diary i dont think its so much about the grow off as too growing with the community and your diary is by far more descriptive and well worded to mine by a mile more professional shall i say lol im going to just do a normal diary lol list things how i have been cant go wrong with that lol i think you would be an awesome addition to the grow off 

  31. Yes lads, I dont mind if you’ll get the beans early and pop them sooner, thats not a problem. As long as they are growing in October its all good 🙂 

    €250 on the line 🙂 Good luck everyone!I should have info tomorrow about getting the beans 

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