Making THC E juice

Vaping cannabis extracts is a new thing to hit the cannabis scene. According to some studies, it is the cleanest, and most effective way to get you high. THC oils can be very expensive, so here is a guide to making homemade THC E Juice for your vapes!

Using the trim from your harvest, or even all of your bud, making THC E Juice at home is much easier than you think. First off, let’s start with what you’re going to need to make your cannabis E juice.

What you need to make THC E Juice at Home

Making THC E Juice

To make THC E Juice, you will first need the main ingredient, a cannabis extract. There are many different extracts you can use to make E Juice. Many extraction techniques will use solvents and chemicals ( RSO, BHO). These chemicals may become carcinogenic when vapourised, so we are going to use rosin to make our juice.

Using Rosin to Make THC E Juice

Rosin is a cannabis extract made by applying heat and pressure to cannabis flowers. You can make Rosin easily at home with no solvents. Read our guide on how to make your own rosin at home easily. Once you have your own rosin, you can start making clean THC E juice.

Propylene glycol

Making THC E Juice

The two main ingredients found in E juices are Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

You should use propylene glycol to make your THC E Juice, as this will dissolve the rosin more readily. This will give a smoother mix, without having to raise the oils to high temperatures.

Hot water, Saucepan, bowl to hold your E juice and Rosin

To help the propylene glycol and rosin combine together smoothly, you will need to apply some heat to improve their viscosity. You will not need a lot of heat, just warm water on a gentle heat will do.

If you have any questions about making THC E juice, then feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growers forum

How to Mix THC E Juice

This step is very simple, but will take patience. You will be working around heat, so be careful, and use heat resistant gloves if you think you are at risk of burning yourself.

Step one: Melt your Rosin

After you have pressed your rosin, you need to know how much you have, so you can mix the correct level of PG with it. For this section of the guide will will assume we are working with 1ml of rosin.

  • Place some water into a saucepan, and heat gently until it is warm, but not boiling.
  • Use a bowl and place on top of the warm water, so it is stable in the water (be very careful)
  • Place your rosin into the bowl, until it has melted, and is liquid, then reduce the heat.
  • Use a syringe to measure how much rosin you have in ML, and place the rosin back into the bowl

Step 2: Dosing THC E Juice

Vaping cannabis extracts can have a bioavailability of 60-80%! This is one of the most effective ways to consume cannabis. You must bear this in mind when you’re mixing your dose.

For a regular cannabis user, mixing a dose of 1 parts rosin, and 9 parts PG, seems to be the standard, but you can adjust this for your own personal taste if required.

  • New Cannabis user: 1/ 15, Rosin / PG
  • Regular Cannabis user: 1/ 10, Rosin / PG
  • Daily Cannabis user: 1/ 7, Rosin PG

As you use less PG the mixture will become thicker and may become a problem when vaping with standard coils. The type of vape you’re going to use for THC E juice need to be considered too.

Step 3: Mixing the Rosin and PG together

Once you have decided on dosage, mix your required amount of PG with the melted rosin in the bowl. Stir these together until they are well combined as one liquid.

This step will not take very long, when the two substances have reached the same temperature they will mix together easily. This is it, after they have finished mixing, you need to place your THC E juice in a container.

The Best Way to Vape THC E Juice

Now you have seen how easy it is to make your own home made THC E juice, you can start using it more often! Having a good vape in order for you to get the best out of your E juice will make your E juice go further.

AirVape OM

Making THC E Juice
  • Small pen, that will work with THC E Juice
  • Perfect for any oil cartridge
  • Produces super-tasty and smooth hits
  • Great vape for new vapers.

You can buy the AirVape OM by clicking on this image. It is designed for use with THC oils and THC E juices, so is ideal for anyone who is new to vaping.

Sai Top Airflow

Vaping Cannabis
  • Big Vape Pen for Experienced Vapers
  • Has a large bowl, to hold more of your THC E Juice
  • Operates with a titanium bucket coil to produce flavor
  • Will cost more than the average vape, but is a much higher quality for vaping oils

To keep topped up on your high, this is a perfect vape. It will hold a lot more than most vapes, and is specifically designed for vaping cannabis extracts.

Pax 3

pax 3 best vape for vaping cannabis

The Pax 3 is the height of vaping technology. It can vape dry herb, and concentrates. It costs a lot though, but with a ten year guarantee, it is ten years worth of clean vaping! The Pax 3 is highly recommended by many cannabis users. It is perfect for your home made THC E juice.

Final Thought on Vaping Cannabis

I just want to remind you that vaping cannabis will double the bioavailability compared to smoking a joint. Be careful if you are new to it. Take it slowly and see how you enjoy the high. Just like any thing else, enjoy responsibly and in moderation.

Thanks for reading Percy Growers, stay safe, and happy growing!

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