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In Percys Pangolin Hunt, the aim of the game is simple. Some where out there in the forum, there is a pangolin, you have to find it! There first person to find the pangolin wins! As simple as that.

Now it might sound easy, but those pangolins are slick, they are not easy to catch. So ill give you a clue:

This is the Pangolin you will be looking for! His name, is Percival. He can be hiding anywhere. If you find him, be careful, he may bite! So immediately message admin with the link to the post you found him in so he can be removed safely.

Good luck Pangolin Hunters!!

Prize for Find the Pangolin


If you are successful in finding the Pangloin and returning alive to tell the tale, you will win a brand new copy of Jorge Cervantes classic book:

The Cannabis Encyclopedia!

And of course a medal for your service!

Rules for Percys Pangolin Hunt

  • Must have more than 25 forum posts to enter, ( This is to ensure your safety, only experienced members on the hunt!)
  • Hunt in packs or alone, just be cautious! Percival might be alone, but he is fierce when cornered!
  • Will ship world wide, so all are welcome to play! ( As long as you have enough Posts)
  • Play fair and be a good sport! This is for fun, dont take things too seriously

Good luck everyone! Be safe, I will not be responsible for anyone who looses and eye or finger in the battle against the pangolin.

This competition is now over! And the pangolin was safely found and returned to his cage! He may escape again! If you read this, let us know he has been set free and we will start again 😉

Just comment below! Thanks for taking part everyone. Lets see how long it takes for some one ot let him out. 27th August last edit

  1. aw man, I wasn’t even looking through the forum lol – I was looking through all the articles, my bad haha

  2. @macky….much love for the comp…it was a hard one lol. I searched and searched but….I couldn’t find him…..he eluded me lol. Next comp should be fun tho! Love it man…tons of thanks for throwing cool competitions out here man. 

  3. Oh, I guess the full screenshot is in order as the comp is over….
    here it is

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    the thread is
    Just FYI, the clue Macky gave “final product” being extracts. This is almost like letting your opponent know his tells but I figured Macky respected the forum to much to mess up anything on the front end. Also, I assumed that he also respected the members too much to mess with a diary, especially an active one. Both of these turned out to be true and that eliminated large areas to search. By me admitting this, Macky is sure to severely mess with my theories in the future but that’s OK with me. Found some cool Easter eggs and history of this site. Most of us have no idea how far this place has gone in a very short while. Tbh, at times I forgot I was looking and started enjoying the read. 

  4. Thanks for all your efforts Macky. I enjoyed the experience, I wasted too many hours on it, and I learned even more about the site and I almost regret not claiming the prize. No worries, next comp I’m not holding back 

  5. blank

    Ok everyone! Comp is over 🙁

    Monkey was the only one who found it, I guess it was a bit too difficult. 

    But it was a fun comp! And the prize will be put back out in another comp tomorrow with some added goodies 🙂 Keep your eyes open for that 🙂 

  6. Alright I’ll ask the first question….I’ve been busy as all of lifes issues need tending at once now LOL. With that…is he in a guide of some sort that Percy’s has posted?

  7. Actually thought I’d get some questions about the hunt. Been checking frequently as time is getting short. I’ll answer 1 yes/no question from each member in this thread before the contest gets changed. If everyone works together that’s a lot of information that could be gathered very fast imo.

  8. blank

    I got a nice idea for the next one;)


  9. OK, I agree Macky. As the only hunter to lay eyes on the beast I’ll answer one yes/no question from forum members to help them along if you think this will aid in the search. Only one question per member tho so choose the question wisely and remember, only yes or no type questions are allowed. In less than 24 hours I won’t be able to help you!

  10. blank

    OK, this isnt fun any more lol! Ill give it until tomorrow, if he isnt found, we will call an end to the hunt and do a different comp 🙂 

  11. I just dropped this contest on insta. We could have a new batch of hunters soon!

  12. blank

    Its hard to find this sucker man lol, can easily get tired on a hunt like that. More fresh comps next week too, wont be as difficult as this lol 

  13. Maybe I should have accepted the prize if we have no more hunter’s interested looking for Percival. Macky’s clue was SPOT ON! With information like that the whole hunt could  be over in an instant. If nobody finds him in 24 hours I may need to add another bit of photographic clue but we will see. Come on Percy Growers, this is an amazing prize.

  14. blank

    I have changed the rules a little, anyone can now be on the hunt! No matter how many post you have! Seems like we need a bigger search party to find this thing lol 

    He is still out there everyone. Keep hunting! 

    I will also be throwing in some seeds to the prize, there will a choice for the winner from a selection 🙂 Autos or Photos, what ever the winner prefers. 

    Good luck everyone! 

  15. Still not found him but you’ve enticed me into a read or two so winner winner chicken dinner lol I’m liking some of the new material anyway, well done to all the contributers, especially the organic type ups  Laughing Out Loud not too much bias there lol

  16. blank

    Dont forget, Percival escaped and is still out there! Find him and win a copy of Jorge Cervantes “The Cannabis Encyclopedia”! 

  17. blank

    No!!! lol 😉

  18. blank

    Seen him!! I know where he is hiding!….. had a watch in his mouth, Monkey this must be yours lol

    Though the prize has passed on, Monkey will still hold the bling until the next hunter is successful 🙂 

  19. @macky hes a shape shifter now….that sneaky bugger!

  20. blank

    lol, Monkey do found him already, he must have changed his identity after escaping again lol Nice disguise!!


  21. blank

    @macky I found Mr Percival

    Screenshot 20200530 231711 Google
  22. blank
    Posted by: @monkeydo

    soil, coco, dwc

    He prefers to sniff around the finished product rather than growing plants 😉



  23. Does our renegade pangolin prefer soil, coco, dwc, or teaching?

  24. @macky ok….if Percival was hiding….WHO would he hide with lol. Too easy….I dont even know what to ask lol

  25. blank

    So still no sighting of Percival. 

    Ill give a clue, by answering a question you’ll ask, ask a few and ill pick one I can answer that doesnt flat out give it away lol 

  26. Hit the turbo button on the server Macky, I’m going back in mate. This could get messy🤣. Time to try a couple new things.

  27. @macky down macky! I AM DOWN!!!! We gotta get this little bastard!!!!

  28. blank

    Ok, youll hunting so hard you’ve crashed the server a couple of times lmao!!!

    Legends! But, still no sighting! 

    It a massive risk to have a wild pangolin running around, so if no one find him in the ext 12 hours, I will give you all a clue.

    So thats about 12pm Midday BST tomorrow.

    Happy hunting everyone! 

  29. blank

    lmao!!!! Didnt even know it was there, it rings a bell, gotta have some skin showing some where i suppose lol 

  30. @macky I saw so many random pictures…… some girl in a bikini with a garden sprayer in a article about water needs wasn’t even close to the most unexpected thing.

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     Great way to get the post read I guess lol

  31. blank
    Posted by: @monkeydo

    some really unusual pictures on the site.

    Which ones man? I dont wanna have to search this place for them lmao

  32. Spent way to much time on this yesterday. Found some real unusual stuff on the forum but I’m definitely taking a search break for the day. It was an enlightening search tho, some really unusual pictures on the site.

  33. blank

    @lovetoflyfish pmsl!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Epic mate 

  34. blank

    Found the bastard😂 but think it’s mutated a bit with corona 😂

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  35. There are some very unusual pictures on this site and I’m just scratching the surface it seems. 

  36. So its just kinda chilling on the page? Or how is it put into the thread. On a post or like….in a corner LOL

  37. blank


    Its not hidden in the pic, so if you do come across the pic, you will see it 🙂 

  38. Huge problem, I’ve looked at so many pages that I just realized I zoned out and forgot to look for pangolins for a while 🤣 No idea where this happened, 😂 So many pictures!!

  39. blank

    I should have specified maybe lol, its not in this thread, and this post doesnt count 🙂 

  40. pangoling hunt 300x225

    this is the only place i can find it

  41. @macky nice one mate, game for a laugh

  42. blank

    Awesome man, good luck mate!

  43. And with this post, I’m off hunting.  Good luck to everyone searching.

  44. I know where he isn’t, any points for that? 😂

  45. blank

    No reported sighting yet! lol 😉

  46. Nice one man. I have this book already but I definitely need another one. 😜
    Jorge is the MAN though. This tome is honestly where I’ve lifted about 70% of all the shit I do/use and how I grow. It’s an AWESOME book.
    Good luck all…

  47. @macky I’m thinking about it lol 

  48. blank
    Posted by: @colacody

    go to work

    call in sick, you have more important things to do lol 

  49. @colacody

    How dare work interfere with Percy’s

  50. @monkeydo I may pretend to go to work and spend the day hunting LMAO that book looks amazing!

  51. this is so sick! Gonna start going through the content now 
    one question, is it in the forum posts, or within the articles on the site?

  52. blank

    I have even forgotten where i put it so we are all fucked now lmao, be careful out there!! lol


  53. This is awesome, now I have to start browsing the site all over 🙄 Stroke of genius – of to the pages we go! I challenge @colacody to find it first! 

  54. This is hilarious lol. Great prize! I’m going hunting later lol 

  55. Sounds like fun.

  56. Brilliant I love a good hunt, bring it on🤙🏻

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