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Welcome to Percys Pick a Card Comp! It is simple, 52 places, only one can be the winner! All you have to do is pick a card! If you pick the correct one, you will win the following prizes!

Free Cannabis Seeds From

Percys pick a card chosen seeds comp
  • 3 x Sensi Seeds, Silver Haze
  • 3 x Anesia Seeds, Gelato Dream
  • 3 x Anesia Seeds, Gorilla Glue 4
  • 3 x Anesia Seeds, Super Glue
  • 3 x Anesia Seeds, Pink Starburst
  • 3 x Humboldt, Black D.O.G

Thank you to chosen seeds for their amazing prices and discount code! Without them, we would not be able to offer awesome prizes like this. Please follow them on twitter and Instagram, and see what other strains they have to offer!

Being a member of our forum will also entitle you to a 10% discount code off any purchase on And of course, allows you to enter awesome competitions like this one!

How to enter!

To enter Percys Pick a Card Comp, head into our forum ( you must be a member), and select which card you would like from the list! The cards are shuffled, and the winning card has already been chosen. I have not looked at the card, and have no idea what it is either. You can see the video of the card being drawn HERE

A video has been uploaded to our youtube channel showing a fair shuffle, and the card being chosen and put into an envelope and sealed. The rest of the deck is also sealed, so no one knows what it is until it is until the fifth of May 2019, at 20:00 GMT (8pm).


You can only choose one card! Check in the list of comments to make sure your card isn’t already chosen. The list will be updated often. If you choose a card that someone has already picked, you can choose another.

You must be a member of the grow room! Register here if you’re not a member already, and simply add a comment to the “Percys Pick A Card Entry Thread“.

There will be only one winner! If you win, all of these seeds are yours! All you have to do is pick what card is in the envelope!

It would also be cool if you could show your support for chosen seeds by following them on their social network accounts. Not a rule, but it’s always nice to show these guys that make this happen some appreciation.

Good Luck!!

Good Luck Everyone! Please share with friends and fellow growers. Let’s see if we can get the whole deck filled ūüôā

If we get all 52 cards chosen before the fifth of May, we will reveal the card, and the winner early.

  1. Thanks for letting me know 

  2. Sorry Ruth, this comp finished ages ago. There is still others you can join in on right now though 🙂¬†

  3. Ace of hearts 💕 please x

  4. Posted by: @padrepuff

    King of Hearts.

    Much love and respect to Percy’s and good buds I have made.

    Comp is finished Padre 😉

  5. King of Hearts.Much love and respect to Percy’s and good buds I have made.

  6. this comp is over Razza, welcome to Percys man, there is plenty of other comps to enter though 🙂

  7. @percysgrowroomKing of clubs for me mate 👍

  8. @mrswelshfurey

    All good, we will do another one soon 🙂¬†

  9. Posted by: @zn

    Posted by: @mrswelshfurey Can I have the King of diamonds please 💚

    Yeah…of course you can :)Comp finished in May though…

    Ooh my bad hehe! 🙂¬†

  10. @twogramOops sorry! 🙂

  11. @mrswelshfureyThis was 8 months ago 🙂

  12. Posted by: @mrswelshfurey

    Can I have the King of diamonds please 💚

    Yeah…of course you can 🙂

    Comp finished in May though…

  13. Can I have the King of diamonds please 💚

  14. new comp please 🙂

  15. Lol, yes mate, too late…… should launch a new comp though, what do you all think?

  16. or am I two months too late ? should’ve looked at the date doh !

  17. ¬†May I please have the ace of clubs …being a dj and all

  18. So, nobody came forward to claim the prize 🙁¬†

    Comp for bronze key holder coming up by the end of the day 😉¬†

  19. Congratulations to the lucky winner! 🍾 Looking forward to following your grow diaries.¬† ¬†

  20. Congrats to the winner. 

  21. There is always next time 🙂 Unlucky man.¬†

  22. God damn it!! Well done that man 👏🏻👏🏻👍

  23. Well done winner! Great competition 😊

  24. Well done to the very lucky winner 🙌🍾¬†

    enjoy your prizes, thanks for the comp 👍

  25. Winner winner chicken dinner! well done to the lucky bastard who pulled this off, enjoy the prize, and make sure you start a wee diary on here too

  26. Whey!! So glad someone got it 😛 wondering what was gunna happen if no one did?¬†Well done Winner!¬†

  27. happydays

  28. Entry Closed!!! Lets do this, best of luck everyone!

  29. Hope youre not doing your dance moves while we’re waiting 😉 you’ll be too dizzy to see 😂😂

    been wishing my life away waiting for the end of this comp! 😂😂¬†

    finally! ….nearly….😂😂

  30. Right, I’m closing entry in 20 minutes. Then ill take 20 mins making the video of me opening the envelope and revealing the card! Good luck everyone, thanks for entering!

  31. Less than 2 hours to go……🙈¬†

  32. So pumped for the results! 

  33. OOO Come on people. get picking! not long now 

  34. Good luck everyone 😊

  35. I’m so excited 🙈

  36. Today is the day!! Buzzing! Good luck everyone! 

  37. Last 24 hours! Get your guesses in! 🤞

  38. Sorted for you mate! good luck and welcome to the grow room 🙂

  39. 3 diamonds please Macky 🏝🏝

  40. No hurry macky take your time mate 😊

  41. Ok, Looking into the referral link thing, I have got you all links, but cant find out where to display them. I should have it sorted quickly. Im halfway there lol

  42. The need for bling is taking over my life 😂

  43. Someone who likes to win bling more than me….🙈🙈😂😂😂

  44. Cheers mate 👍 got a few people wanting to join 😊

  45. Im actually not 100% sure, let me find out for you and ill get back to you

  46. Where can I find the referral link macky for people to join? Don’t want to miss out on any points 😂

  47. Still got spaces for more people, if you have fake social networks, or if you’re able to share this safely, please do so.

  48. Thanks Buddy, Im glad you like it. If there is anything you think we can do to make the place better. Please let me know

  49. Thanks macky, what a really good forum this is 🙂

  50. All yours Buddy! Good Luck!

  51. Please can I have the 9 of spades? Great comp thanks 😉

  52. Bump, Let see if we can get some more growers in here 🙂 Please share if you can

  53. 🙈🙈🙈 filling up! Good luck everyone 🙌¬†

  54. There you go mate, good luck to you man.

  55. Sorted for you mate! Good Luck!

  56. Oh, thats taken, how about the King of spades ?

    • Hi Percy. Can I have J of clubs pls 😀
  57. Sorted for you Tav

  58. Seven of spades is taken by cloudy kitchen, you have to choose another :). Welcome to the grow room.

  59. Hey Percy. Lets go 7 of spades. 

  60. I’l have the 5 clubs please, thanks for the comp macky!

  61. pmsl!!!! As long as they don’t grow hairy ball sacs mate, you’re all good lol

  62. Sorted Brian, welcome to the grow room mate

  63. haha thanks Macky .. growing along, although I think some have hit puberty cause they are giving attitude .. lol

  64. 7 of diamonds please and thank you very much for the invite

  65. Welcome to the Grow Room OC! Thanks for signing up, I hope you like the site:) Good luck

  66. Jack of Diamonds for my vote.     

  67. Awesome mate, good to have you here man. Happy you like the place!

  68. As good!? you mean better 😛 Everything takes it time mate! but you done the big step already. just stick to the dedication i know you got and everything fall into place! im sure your see me popping up alot more now i get into my routine again! 

  69. Lol, thanks man. If we can be as good as the talk one day, I’ll be happy lol

  70. Sorted for you mate, good luck 😊

  71. Haha you itself was basically thctalk for me bro ^^ Although i learnt a hell of alot from the other admin and members was and sure still is a great community!. But my loyalty stands with you. This is number 1 now bro 😉 Still will do a check up there tho, no doubt 🙂 Got held up with some Online shopping ^^ will jump on that -minus photos for now!.  

  72. 4 of diamonds for me please

  73. Welcome to the Grow Room Crystal! 4 of spades is all yours, good luck!! 

  74. 4 of Spades and [hopefully] a spring garden for me. Thanks Percy!¬† ¬†Thanks Chosen Seeds and @the-mack too! Cheers! 🥂¬†

  75. you know what I was seriously going to pick a diamond until I saw your guess lol gotta spread out 

  76. Hows it going Phil!! Good to see you on the boards mate 🙂 Hope you and your plants are all keeping well 🙂 Q of spades it is for you man, good luck

  77. Queen of spades please.

  78. If you’re from the talk, this should be considered home number 2 lol. This in that case, isnt your first post 😉 Welcome to the grow room Lucas, Lets get your Mentor diary started whenever you’re ready mate

  79. Sorted, good luck pete, good to see you mate 🙂

  80. Feel a bit cheeky having my first post on your site, on a competition topic! but too good too miss! Jacks of spades for me please macky! 

  81. I‚Äôll take the queen of diamonds plse 🤞

  82. Done that for you mate, good luck 

  83. Queen of hearts for me please. This is amazing. Awesome prizes. 🤩¬†

  84. Good Night Growers! Feel free to share this now. The faster its filled, the sooner we find out what card it is 🙂

  85. Good to see you Bob, hope you’re doing well mate 🙂

  86. 8 of hearts please 

  87. Seen you viewing this topic and rushed in in case you picked my card 😉😂

  88. Done! Good luck man! I hate not knowing myself and still not being able to put a guess in lol

  89. Soooo bad 🤞

  90. 7 of spades for me boss! thanks for this comp too, how awesome

  91. Sorted, good luck! i know you want those pink starburst lol

  92. ¬†8 of diamonds♦️please. Good luck everyone, thanks for the comp percy¬†

  93. Sorted mate, good luck! 

  94. 7 clubs for me please:)

  95. Done for you mate!! Good luck! 

  96. Straight on it I like it

  97. Ace of Spades please mate…nice comp, cheers & thx to for the donation 🙂

  98. A Hearts:

    2 Hearts:

    3 Hearts:

    4 Hearts:

    5 Hearts:

    6 Hearts:

    7 Hearts:

    8 Hearts: Bob Durban

    9 Hearts:

    10 Hearts:

    J Hearts:

    Q Hearts: Green Bud

    K Hearts:


    A Clubs:

    2 Clubs:

    3 Clubs:

    4 Clubs:

    5 Clubs: Tav

    6 Clubs:

    7 Clubs: Ivean420

    8 Clubs:

    9 Clubs:

    10 Clubs:

    J Clubs: LittleG

    Q Clubs:

    K Clubs:


    A Diamonds:

    2 Diamonds:

    3 Diamonds: Captain Green

    4 Diamonds: Uk420HydroGrower

    5 Diamonds:

    6 Diamonds:

    7 Diamonds: Str8420

    8 Diamonds: Fu Manchu

    9 Diamonds:

    10 Diamonds:

    J Diamonds: OCJonnyB

    Q Diamonds: 3Plants Pete

    K Diamonds:


    A Spades: AND

    2 Spades:

    3 Spades:

    4 Spades: CrystalWldFlrz

    5 Spades: Mikey dredd

    6 Spades:

    7 Spades: Cloudy Kitchen

    8 Spades:

    9 Spades: Buddy

    10 Spades:

    J Spades: Lucas3330

    Q Spades: Phil

    K Spades: Sourdieseltangie



    Choose your card from the list and I will edit it when needed 🙂

    Good Luck everyone!! 


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