Percys Pick a Card Comp!

Percys Pick a Card Comp!

April 27, 2019 93 By percysgrowroom

Welcome to Percys Pick a Card Comp! It is simple, 52 places, only one can be the winner! All you have to do is pick a card! If you pick the correct one, you will win the following prizes!

Free Cannabis Seeds From

Percys pick a card chosen seeds comp
  • 3 x Sensi Seeds, Silver Haze
  • 3 x Anesia Seeds, Gelato Dream
  • 3 x Anesia Seeds, Gorilla Glue 4
  • 3 x Anesia Seeds, Super Glue
  • 3 x Anesia Seeds, Pink Starburst
  • 3 x Humboldt, Black D.O.G

Thank you to chosen seeds for their amazing prices and discount code! Without them, we would not be able to offer awesome prizes like this. Please follow them on twitter and Instagram, and see what other strains they have to offer!

Being a member of our forum will also entitle you to a 10% discount code off any purchase on And of course, allows you to enter awesome competitions like this one!

How to enter!

To enter Percys Pick a Card Comp, head into our forum ( you must be a member), and select which card you would like from the list! The cards are shuffled, and the winning card has already been chosen. I have not looked at the card, and have no idea what it is either. You can see the video of the card being drawn HERE

A video has been uploaded to our youtube channel showing a fair shuffle, and the card being chosen and put into an envelope and sealed. The rest of the deck is also sealed, so no one knows what it is until it is until the fifth of May 2019, at 20:00 GMT (8pm).


You can only choose one card! Check in the list of comments to make sure your card isn’t already chosen. The list will be updated often. If you choose a card that someone has already picked, you can choose another.

You must be a member of the grow room! Register here if you’re not a member already, and simply add a comment to the “Percys Pick A Card Entry Thread“.

There will be only one winner! If you win, all of these seeds are yours! All you have to do is pick what card is in the envelope!

It would also be cool if you could show your support for chosen seeds by following them on their social network accounts. Not a rule, but it’s always nice to show these guys that make this happen some appreciation.

Good Luck!!

Good Luck Everyone! Please share with friends and fellow growers. Let’s see if we can get the whole deck filled 🙂

If we get all 52 cards chosen before the fifth of May, we will reveal the card, and the winner early.