The Best PH Meter for Growing Cannabis

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There are so many different brands of pH meter out there, and the internet makes them all so readily available, so it is hard to choose the best pH meter for growing cannabis.

PH is massively important to your plants diet. If it is in not in the correct range, your plant will not eat properly, and as a result, it will suffer deficiencies, and maybe even stop growing and die.

The best pH meters for growing cannabis do not come cheap, and there are only a few trusted brands, that are tried and tested by marijuana growers, so it is recommended that you go with these brands.

These are reliable, but they can be expensive. In my opinion, they are worth every penny in the security that you know, your feed is balanced to the pH that is best for your medium.

Blue Lab pH Meter

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Blue Lab pH meters are a highly recommended brand in the growing community because they are very accurate and reliable. They have very reliable meters for EC and pH at competitive prices.

Blue Lab have a great “truncheon“, that will measure your EC and pH, but it will not give the most accurate of readings. Rather than having a screen that displays numbers, the truncheon will display your pH and EC with an LED, that will light up at the estimated reading.

If you choose this pH meter, you will have accurate, and reliable readings of the pH of your feed.

The pH of your nutrient solution will also fluctuate depending on its temperature. The Blue Lab pH pen automatically adjusts to compensate for that, giving you a pH reading, that you can be sure is accurate.

Essentials pH Meter

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A great price, and very reliable. Used by Percy growers everywhere because of the cheap prices, but high reliability.

Essentials are specialists in their field. Their meters will offer you readings that are very accurate. Essentials pH pens tend to be a little cheaper than other top brands, and still offer a reliable reading.

However, they do not check temperatures like a Blue Lab pH Pen, but it will still give you an accurate reading of the pH of your feed.

These brands are all very reliable and will last a couple of years before they will need replacing. After a while, they will develop build up over the prongs, and they will become less accurate.

Your pH meter will need regular cleaning and calibration, once a month is plenty. It is easy to do, and whatever model you choose will come with specific instructions on how to calibrate and maintain it.

Why You Should Avoid Cheap pH Pens

Cheap pH pens will be faulty, inaccurate, and a waste of money. Buy a quality, reliable pH pen like Essentials or Blue Lab.

You are not only buying quality equipment, but you are buying peace of mind. You will know for sure your readings are accurate. There is a saying amongst growers, buy cheap, buy twice.


Do I need a pH meter to grow cannabis?

If you’re going to grow cannabis in hydroponics, then yes, you will need a good reliable pH meter. If you are growing weed organically, or in soil, it may not be needed often, but should be on hand to check pH level of your medium.

How often Should I check my pH?

Everytime you feed! Don’t feed your plants, unless you are sure of the pH levels of the nutrient solution. It takes 20 seconds to check it. Check your pH before you water your plants, everytime, especially in hydroponic setups.

Are liquid pH testing kits OK?

If you are on a budget, then a liquid test is better than nothing. Look for a “wide range” tester. The problem is, these kits will show the ph by the colour of the liquid. Sometimes, your feed will change the colour of the water, so judging the pH correctly can be tough.

Can I use a pronged soil pH reader?

Plants grown in soil, have a much larger pH buffer than plants grown hydroponically. You can use pronged pH readers, but do bear in mind, they will not be very accurate, but they will give you a rough idea of the pH of your medium

Final notes on PH Pens For Growing Cannabis FAQ

Many growers have made the mistake in the past of buying a cheap pH pen. The reading would change in between testing the feeds. Even if it was just a few minutes in between the tests.

Make sure you have the peace of mind you pay for, and go for a quality pH pen, it will make your plants much happier, and healthier and they will thank you for it!

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7 thoughts on “The Best PH Meter for Growing Cannabis”

  1. In soil, there is a bigger buffer, like 7.5 -6.5, but hydro is more acidic, and more narrow, 5.8-6.2. 

    Most water is around 7, so no need to adjust ph, but adding some food might change it, so good to check if you have deficiencies 

  2. @mossbeardmitchI agree wholeheartedly! We don’t have to worry as much with the supersoils (in theory at least) but, you should still monitor what’s going in and what’s coming out. Much easier to diagnose any issues that come up with more known variables than unknown, and pH is a big one that can affect basically everything.Blue Lab is industry standard it seems, I need to get me one of those eventually. ? 

  3. Posted by: @macky lol, cheers Mitch, suppose you don’t use a pH meter being an organic grower?

    I’ve been told checking my ph in the soil is helpful. Might not be as much as a necessity for me as opposed other methods of growing though that’s for sure

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