Planning Your First Cannabis Grow

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Planning your first cannabis grow can be daunting. There is a lot to learn, alot to buy, and it can be difficult to decide how to get started. In this guide, we are going to help you with planning your first cannabis grow. By the end of it, you will have a good idea of how much cannabis you need to grow, and what space and equipment you need to grow it.

If you have any questions after reading this post, then please feel free to start a thread in our cannabis growers forum. In the forum you will find many experienced growers who are more than happy to help new growers get started. You can also check out our podcast High on Home Grown. We have an episode that is dedicated to this subject! You can download it from your favorite podcast network, or just click the buttons below to download it straight from this post. 

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So roll yourself something nice, get comfortable, and let’s start planning your first grow! 

Things to Consider Before Planning Your First Cannabis Grow 

Before growing your own cannabis there are some things you need to consider. Take a look at the list below and think about these points. Only go ahead with your grow if you feel comfortable and believe you can do it. You have all the help and information you need right here on Percys Grow Room. But we can’t do the work for you, and we can’t take responsibility for anyone breaking the law. So please consider these things carefully before you begin.

There are still many places around the world where cannabis is illegal to grow, and possess. If you are living in one of these places, then that is something you need to think about. If you are caught growing cannabis illegally, you will be fined and possibly imprisoned. You may even have a chance of losing your home.

Though there are simple steps you can take to stay safe when growing cannabis, it is not 100% risk free. If you’re growing illegally, it does come with some paranoia, some stress, and some extra work to keep the grow hidden. 

There are many members of our cannabis forum who grow their own personal supply of cannabis, even though they are prohibited to do so. It is up to you if you want to take that risk, and you need to decide if taking the risk is worth it. 

If you are lucky enough to live in a country that allows you to grow cannabis, then consider yourself lucky, you don’t need to worry about this! Now let’s move onto the next step in planning your first cannabis grow!

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Do You Have Space to Grow Cannabis?

Setting up a cannabis grow takes space. Most Percy Growers (people who grow cannabis for personal use) will grow in a grow tent that is 1 meter from left to right, 1 meter from front to back, and 2 meters from top to bottom. But this isnt always the case (this will be discussed in more detail later). 

Most people will grow in a spare room, garage, loft/ attic or shed when growing cannabis indoors. But it is also possible to grow in your bedroom if you don’t mind the noise of fans running 24/7. You just have to decide what works best for you, and use the space you have in the best way possible. 

If you have plenty of space and youre happy to move forward, the next thing to consider is time!

Do You Have Enough Spare Time to Grow Cannabis?

Growing cannabis indoors takes time and work from you. On average it is said you should have between 15-30 minutes every day to tend to your garden. The amount of time it takes will differ depending on your setup and grow style. But no matter what style you choose, it will need some of your time to keep things running smoothly.

There are also some stages of the cannabis plant’s life cycle that take more work than others. Especially when it comes to harvesting the plants. Trimming cannabis after harvest can take hours per plant depending on the size. This is also something that needs to be considered. 

It’s not like I want to put you off growing, I encourage everyone who uses cannabis to grow their own as this is the best way to have safe, sane access to high quality cannabis. But I just want to make sure you know what you’re getting yourself into before you start. 

Growing cannabis is an amazing hobby, and there is no doubt you will enjoy it, but it does take time, work, and risk. So make sure you have a good think about it first, and if you’re happy to move forward, it is time to figure out how much cannabis you need to grow for personal use.

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How Much Cannabis Should You Plan to Grow?

The answer to this question will differ from person to person. Are you a regular cannabis user, or do you only consume cannabis on the weekends or a couple of days a week. Do you use cannabis recreationally, or do you need to make cannabis oils for medicine? These are all questions you need to answer when you’re planning your first cannabis grow. 

When planning your first cannabis grow, you should first think about how much cannabis you consume in 1 week. Let’s say just for simplicity that you consume 1 ounce of cannabis each week. 

On average, including drying and curing time, a cannabis grow will take around 16 weeks from start to finish. Sometimes it can take less time, sometimes it may take longer, but 16 weeks is a good average. So, if you consume 1 ounce of cannabis per week, you should aim to grow 16 ounces of cannabis. 

If you consume more than 1 ounce a week, maybe you need cannabis oils for medicine and you need to convert 2 ounces of cannabis a week into oil. Then you would need to grow 32 ounces of cannabis. If on the other hand you only use ½ an ounce of cannabis each week, you only need to grow 8 ounces. 

So this is your first step, decide how much cannabis you consume, and how much you’re going to have to grow to supply yourself. Once you have this number, you can determine what sort of space you will need for your grow. 

How Many Cannabis Plants Should You Grow?

Deciding how many cannabis plants you need to grow is another difficult question to answer, and it will again, differ from person to person. For those growing illegally, less is better. The more plants you have, the more trouble you will be in if you’re ever caught. Bear this in mind if you’re growing cannabis illegally and always grow as few plants as possible!

In most circumstances a cannabis plant will yield around 4 ounces of dry buds. This of course can be much more, or much less, depending on the grow method, but 4 ounces is a good average. 

Each plant will need around 4ft² (2ft x 2ft) of space to grow. Usually a grower will grow 4 plants in a 1m x 1m x 2m grow tent. This will yield around 16 ounces of cannabis in a 16 week grow give or take a couple of weeks. This works well for most people who grow cannabis for personal use. 

So far we have the following numbers; each plant will need 4ft² of grow space, it will take 16 weeks to grow from seed to bud, and it will yield around 4 ounces. Using these numbers here, and adding up how much you use per week, you should be able to decide how much space you will need for your grow.

Once that is decided, you need to move on to what size setup you need to grow your own supply. In most cases a grower will use a grow tent of a certain size to grow their plants, but grow rooms will also work when set up properly.

What Size Grow Tent Should You Use?

Once you have figured out how many plants you will be growing, you need to get the right size space to grow them in, especially if you’re growing indoors. Growing outdoors is pretty simple and of course will not take as much equipment as an indoor grow. But that isn’t possible for many growers, especially those growing illegally. So for now we will focus mainly on indoor growing. 

This size of the set up you need will differ depending on how much cannabis you need to grow. Here are a few suggestions on what will work well for you depending on how much you need to grow:

60cm Grow Tents for One Cannabis Plant (3-4oz)

60cm grow tent for growing cannabis, how to grow 1 cannabis plant, small grow tent for growing cannabis

If you do not use a lot of cannabis, and will only need one plant, a 60cm (2ft x 2ft) grow tent would be perfect for you. You can grow a decent sized plant in there, and you may possibly be able to squeeze 2 in. 

Because of the small footprint (4ft²) you will not need a massively powerful light, and you wont need huge extraction either. It is a good cheap set up, and it may be enough for your needs. But of course, if you need more than 3-4 ounces of cannabis, you will need a bigger tent.

1m x 1m x 2m Grow Tents for 4 plants (12-16oz)

1m grow tent for growing cannabis, grow tent for 4 cannabis plants, percys grow room, cannabis growing forum,

For most people, a 1m grow tent is perfect to supply themselves with their own cannabis. When planning your first cannabis grow, this is most likely the grow tent you will want to choose. You can grow 4 medium sized plants in a 1m grow tent, and yield around 16 ounces. 

Of course a 1m grow tent setup will take up a lot of space, and will need a powerful grow light to cover its footprint. These powerful lights usually produce a lot of heat, so big extraction is also needed to vent that heat out. But for most people, this is the right setup. 

1.2m x 1.2m x 2m Grow Tent for 4 Plants (15-20oz) 

1.2 m grow tent for 4 plants, 4ft grow tent for 4 cannabis plants,

If you need a little more space to try and push for a little more yield, there is a 4ft x 4ft grow tent ( 1.2m x1.2m). This is a favorite amongst experienced growers and a tent this size can easily hold 4 plants, and yield around 20 ounces of cannabis every 16 weeks. 

Much like the 1m grow tent, a 4ft grow tent will need powerful lights and big extraction. But with the extra space around the sides you can yield another few ounces of cannabis every grow. It is definitely worth the extra space if you have room for it. 

To Summarise Planning Your First Cannabis Grow 

So by now you should know how much cannabis you use per week, and how much cannabis you need to grow. You also now know what size grow tent you need in order to grow the amount of cannabis you need. These are the most important factors to consider when you’re planning your first grow. 

By now you have a good idea of what your grow is going to look like. You know how much space it will take up. You also know how many plants you need to grow and what size tent you’re going to need, you just need more information on the equipment you need for your grow.

In the next guide we will cover just that! Choose which size grow tent is going to work best for you and move to the next article. This will explain in more detail what you need for that specific grow tent or grow space. From the best tent, the best lighting, and best extraction and filters. 

Of course, if you need any help at all, or have any questions, just comment on this article below and we will be more than happy to help. Though the first steps in planning your first cannabis grow may seem difficult and confusing, it is much simpler than you think. 

Follow the guides here, and ask for help in our cannabis growing forum, and you will do just fine. I hope this guide has helped you, and you’re ready to take the next step with your grow. If you’re ready then let’s move forward and figure out what equipment you should get for your grow setup.

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    Completely understandable! It will take time, but you will get more comfortable with it, you’re safe here 🙂 Lots of members here still growing under prohibition so we feel your pain 

  2. @macky haha sorry for being shy. I never post anything on the internet i prefer to just read/lurk but ill take your advice thanks mate. As much as i appreciate how friendly you all are it just feels weird asking about stuff which could possibly incriminate me in future. 

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    If you start a new thread in this section, and explain what you plan is, like how many plants, what type of medium ( soil/hydro/coco) things like that. Just give us some ideas on what your plan is and we can recommend stuff from there 🙂 

    Thanks for listening to the show! And thanks for joining us here too, I hope you like the place 

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    First of all id just like to say great podcast, great website, lovely setup. Is there a section on the equipment setup where you recommend which lights, heaters, humidity control, extraction (the basics) etc please? With so much to pick from on the Internet it would be really useful to skip the trial and error stage and get straight to the whats best on the market? Any recommendations/direction would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou 

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