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Welcome to the Percy Plant of the Month Competition Entry form!

If you have a cannabis plant, that is stunning, or has a good story, then we want to hear about it. It isn’t always just about appearances, and who has the biggest plant. Tell us about your grow and how it was, a good entry is more than just a picture.

So have you got a well trained cannabis plant? A plant with huge colas or colourful flowers? The why not enter it into our planet of the month competition, and you can win some free cannabis seeds.


  • You must have more than 5 forum posts to enter
  • Your plant can only be entered once!
    (This means, if you enter a plant in this months comp, you can not enter that same plant into next months plant of the month competition).
  • Your entry must display a sign with:
    The DATE (dd/mm/yy)
    The words ” Plant of the Month
    The FULL website name, ““.
  • The plant must still be alive, and unchopped, showing the plant still sitting in its pot.
  • Entry opens at 00:00 am on the 1st of every month, and closes at 23:59 on the last day of every month. (Times are in GMT) Your plant will be entered into the Plant of the month competition, on the same month your plant was entered.


The prizes will vary every month, but the winner will always receive a pack of quality cannabis seeds, and the Percys Grow Room Plant Of the Month, forum trophy!

POTM Bling

To Enter Plant of the Month

To enter, all you have to do is start a new topic in the forum section below

Add a picture of your plant, and make sure you have a sign, with ALL of the requirements:

THE DATE (dd/mm/yy)
Plant of the Month

The picture matters, good lighting and a nice backdrop can really make your entry stand out from the rest.

Feel free to add some details about your grow in the topic too. Though a picture tells a thousands words, a little bit about the life of the plant can really tell the best stories.

Click “Add Thread” to
Enter Your Plant Now!

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Plant of the Month

Enter your plant of the month here! Start a new thread, and post a picture of your plant, with some detail about the grow and how it went. These entries will be compiled into one thread at the start of every month, and a poll will take place for 14 days. The entry with the most votes wins free cannabis seeds, and our forum bling for "POTM winner". Enter your plant now.
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POTM Sign/ Template

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2 months ago

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POTM returns

Macky, 6 months ago

By Macky
5 months ago

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How to Win

At the end of every month, all valid entries from that month, will be compiled into one thread.

Here a poll will be opened, and members will vote for their favourite entry.

The poll will run for 14 days, and the entry, with the highest amount of votes, after those 14 days, wins.

In case of a tie, there will be a further 7 day poll, with the drawing participants, going head to head, for the top spot.

Enjoy the competitions! And good luck to each and every one of you who enters.