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Rock Paper Scissors Tournament 2020

Percys Rock Paper Scissors Tournament is up and running! Members of Percys Grow Room battle against each other to win seeds and merchandise from Barneys Farm

The prizes are big! The game is legendary, and everyone knows how to play!

Do you have the skills to become number one? Will you win the prizes and wear the RPS bling for the year?

Join in the fun and find out! 

What is Percys Rock Paper Scissors Tournament?

Everyone knows how to play rock paper scissors. Two players go head to head, they shake their fist three times, and reveal a choice of rock, paper or scissors. 

Rock is displayed by showing a clenched fist.

Paper is displayed by showing your hand laid out flat with fingers together. 

Scissors are displayed by throwing the “peace sign”, but more pointed forward and tilted to the side, than pointing straight up. 

Rock beats scissors, scissors beats paper, paper beats rock. Simple. 

In this tournament, we will gather entries, and pair participants off by doing a random name out of the hat type of draw. 

This will start round one! When all entries are gathered and entry is closed, each participant must send a picture of their choice (Rock, Paper or Scissors) to an admin member. 

These choices will then be shown via a live stream, and winners will move forward to the next round, and any tying games will be replayed. 

When every game has been completed, the next round will begin. This will continue until one player remains. The last player is announced the winner, and will receive the Percys RPS Bling and a huge prize! 

Prizes for Percys RPS Tournament 

There will be 8 prizes to give away for our RPS Tournament, they will be given away when you reach the quarter finals!

There are 8 players left in the tournament. 4 battles to take place! If you win, you move on to the semi finals. But, 4 players will not survive this round. The 4 players who do not make it, will leave with the flowing prizes:

8th Place: Gorilla Zkitllez Auto x3, and a Barneys Farm Grinder

7th Place: Wedding Cake Fem x3, and a Barneys Farm Grinder

6th: Gorilla Glue Auto x3, and a Barneys Farm Grinder

5th: Mimosa EVO Fem x3, and a Barneys Farm Grinder

At this point, 4 players remain in the tournament, and we move onto the semi finals.

Prizes for the Semi Finals

With 4 players left, we move on to the semi finals! But only 2 players can remain to go head to head in the final stage!

The 2 players who do not make into the finals, will play off against each other to claim 4th and 3rd place. The prizes will be:

4th: Wedding Cake Fem x3, a Barneys Farm Grinder, Lighter and Ashtray.

3rd: Dos Si Dos Auto x3, Mimosa EVO Fem x 3, Barneys stash jar, lighter, ashtray, and papers.

The Final! 

2 players left, and only one can be crowned the RPS champion! Will it be you?

No matter what, at this stage, you have reached a legendary level of RPS skills. Congratulations, you will of course not leave empty handed, but only one can claim the bling! 

For 2nd place in the tournament, we will give away:

3 x Wedding Cake Autos, 3 Runtz Muffin Fems, Barneys Farm Stash Jar, Ashtray, Lighter, Rizla, and Percys Grow Room Rolling Tray.

And the main prizes to be given away to the Rock Paper Scissor Champion will be:

3 x Wedding Cake Autos, 3 x Tropicana Banana Fems, 3 x Dos Si Dos Auto, Barneys farm Jar, Ashtray, Lighter, Rizla. Percys Grow Room Zippo Lighter, Percys Grow Room ashtray, Percys grow room mug, and a Barneys Farm rolling tray! 

And the Percys RPS Trophy Bling! 

Massive!! Huge!! This is going to be a great comp! Lots of fun, easy going, and lots to give away. With prizes like this, there is no excuse, join in, and show us your Rock Paper Scissors skills. 

How to Enter

First off, like most of our competitions you need to be a member of our cannabis growers forum to take part. Signing up is free and easy, just click here to sign up

If you are a member already, or have just signed up, all you have to do is comment below, and you will be added to the list of participants. 

Entry will close on Percys Birthday! 18th of November, at midnight, UK time.

How to Participate! 

For each round, you will be expected to private message admin in the forum, with a picture of your hand, throwing R/P/S. 

This should be a picture of the back of your hand, you may wear gloves if you want to. You will need a sticker, and on that sticker you should write:

R.P.S 2020 (round 1/2/3)

Your username

To prevent confusion, do not send entries until you have been asked for them! You will be tagged in this thread when it is time to send entries.  Only send one picture at a time. You will be asked for a new picture for each round you get to. 

When will the Matches be? 

Once entry has closed, we will do a live stream, where each name will be drawn out of a hat, and partnered against 1 other member.  

When the names are all announced, and you know who you are battling, you can send your choice of RPS to admin. Everyone will be given 48 hours to get their choice in! If you do not make it in time, you will lose by default. 

The entries will be collected and arranged and we will see a live stream of all of the games being played! So we get to see the results as they happen. 

Winners will progress to the next stage, and any drawing games will be played again. When all games are completed, we will announce the next round, and you will need to send your new guess into admin. This will continue until we have crowned the champion


Do not discuss your choices with anyone else! This could completely ruin your chances of winning! 

If your entry is not in before the required time, your turn will be forfeited, and your opponent will win by default. If both participants do not send pictures in time, the game will be void, and both participants will be out. So keep a close eye on this thread! 

Do not send pictures to admin, until you are asked for them. 

The picture of your choice must have “RPS 2020,”, your username, and the round number, displayed with it. This will make it easier for the admin to arrange things. 

One entry per member.

Think that’s it!

Just to specify! Your choice has to be sent to admin before specific deadlines! We will give at least 2 days for each round, and give 24 hours notice of any draw. So keep a close eye on this thread to make sure you don’t miss out! But we will give plenty of time between rounds to get your choices in. 

Sponsors of Percys PRS Tournament.

This tournament is sponsored by one of the best known seed banks in the world, Barneys Farm! 

Thank you to Barneys Farm!

As you can see, there are some awesome prizes to be won here. Barneys farm sent us an awesome care package, which gives you the ability to have this rock paper scissors tournament!

Here is a list of all of the items available in this comp. You can buy them right from these links! Please support Barneys for all the help they give Percys. Follow them on their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!

Strains you can win!

Merchandise From Barneys Farm

Some amazing prizes to be won! Can you make it to the number one spot? Enter now!

  1. Yea man, it was great fun but way too easy for me. Thanks to all my blue “team” guys for getting those pics in to me. Lots of prizes will be awarded and not a lot of players left. Round 2 coming soon. Good luck all!

  2. Congratz to all participants moving forward to the next round.

  3. This was effing hilarious!! Haha laughing out loud at work
    Good times 😆🙌

  4. @macky nice work brother, was a good laugh and I won lol. The red team has been smashed and great victory for Monkey😉😁

  5. The randomness is the best part about things like this and stoner podcast s haha, I’ll keep seal tea in mind haha 🙂 

  6. CLT

    Change your name to Seal Tea 93 lmao

    Thanks for watching everyone, hope you enjoyed the randomness

  7. That was a good laugh 🤣 
    For some reason I can’t see or make comments on YouTube when accessing through Samsung DeX but I enjoyed that, silly fun is the best 🙂 
    Winning helps too LOL

  8. Yeah, great times mates, made me laugh a lot! Thanks for the effort! It was really cool to see that MK themed battle theater 😎 

  9. That was pretty sweet, well done macky with the video 👍👍

  10. Buzzin times pmsl good vid once agen lads look forward to the next step Thumbs Up  

  11. I need to find ya channel on youtube me thinks have been following here tho haha I ll change my user, up for suggestion below 🙂 haha 

  12. I’ll will change my user haha good point on the numbers haha,  atleast I won that one haha loving the effort ya putting in here 

  13. Good luck all 

  14. Here is the link everyone! 

    Good luck! No more time for entries now. If we dont have your pic, its game over 🙁 


  15. @macky will you put the link to the stream here?

  16. last chance to get entires in everyone!! If your on my “Team” Send me your entries if you havent already, so far i only have:





    JSH1973 and 


    Need loads more!! Hope youll see this before we go live 


  17. @noobgrowerpt sorry about your injury bro, that’s a sore one, but when u ready we will be here for u 😃 hope the baby is doing well and looking forward to speaking to u again noob 😎 Long live Portugal lol.

  18. Just missing 2 blue entries and very little time left. Send your entries to me via PM as soon as you can @grower-urban , @bud

  19. dont forget!! 4 and a half hours from now we will do round one! 

    Live stream on Percys YouTube Channel 🙂 See you there!! Be ready 😉

  20. Get well soon soon bro 
    sorry to hear life’s been tough
    better times ahead await bro 

  21. @noobgrowerpt sorry to hear brother but ya life comes first and when you have time percys be here to make your life a bit better. Hope you heal up solid dude! 

  22. Fingers crossed ya turning a corner man, I now what a drag pain can be 🙂 i have a long term illness, and ribs are the worst keep smiling and we all here for ya my friend 🙂 

  23. @noobgrowerpt Sorry to hear that. I know that pain all to well.  Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  24. Posted by: @noobgrowerpt
    Hey guys sorry for not being present here but life sometines os a btch… Had problems this past weeks, being hospitalized with 3broken ribs and the work is keeping me a lot busy.
    Lost track off everything around here so now ill try to keep up with you.

    Fuck man that sucks. We gotta roll with the punches. Being hospitalized sucks, man I know about that shit.Aynway, don’t let bitchy life take you down man, we are still here, holler if you need anything and good vibes and the best to your little one and your fam.Stay safe, happy and happy growing!

  25. Posted by: @noobgrowerpt
    Hey guys sorry for not being present here but life sometines os a btch… Had problems this past weeks, being hospitalized with 3broken ribs and the work is keeping me a lot busy.
    Lost track off everything around here so now ill try to keep up with you.

    Ouch man, broken or bent ribs are such a pain in the… Well ribs…. had my fair share of them over the years, take it very easy and heal up quick buddy 😎 

  26. Life take priority over Percy’s noob. Sorry you have been having problems but we are always here when you have time. Hope you are starting to feel better and life starts going easy on you.

  27. Hey guys sorry for not being present here but life sometines os a btch… Had problems this past weeks, being hospitalized with 3broken ribs and the work is keeping me a lot busy.
    Lost track off everything around here so now ill try to keep up with you.

  28. For the “Blue Team” (let’s get em blue) I have pictures for Chillbert, ctcl993, Doctor x, Firetop, Fish, ForeignLuxx, RedEyeJedi, TallShayShay, Temple Grower, Twisted1. Still looking for first round pics from @mossbeardmitch , @grower-urban , @noobgrowerpt , @bud . The comp goes with or without your pics, hurry hurry

  29. Only 3 pics received from the blue names so far. I have entries from Twisted, RedEyeJedi, and ForeignLuxx. We need these entries by midnight on Sunday night. There will be a lot of easy wins for red players unless my inbox gets busy fast.

  30. Will send mine in later if I get a chance,flush day for me so have got stuff to do so if not will Defoe get it to monkey by end of tommoz 🙂 havent forgot tho 🙂 

  31. I’ll get my entry/pic in today to get this show on the road 😎 
    Here’s a little help for you guys… You’re going to need it against me 🤣  

  32. Just awsell its for fun lads , already sussed out a way to gamble on the side 😆 

  33. Posted by: @galandil

    And yeah @Macky and @MonkeyDo are going down!, so down, I already took care of them and eliminated them from the RPS Tournament even before it started…. Fuck yeah, I am that good

    Laughing Out Loud  that’s all.

  34. Dont forget to send your entries to admin everyone! 

  35. @galandil that’s u got a target on your back now bro😂they will be coming for u now man😂

  36. Oh man, I missed the live draw…
    And yeah @Macky and @MonkeyDo are going down!, so down, I already took care of them and eliminated them from the RPS Tournament even before it started…. Fuck yeah, I am that good at RPS!!! Bongin

  37. Ok everyone, the draw is done. Here is the list of players, and your opponents. 

    JSH1973 vs Twsited1

    JHPoppi Vs Red Eye Jedi

    Straight Coco vs Ctlc993

    Scottish Mac vs Grower Urban

    Cannukle Buds vs Foriegnluxx

    Hart vs Temple Grower

    Sasketchywan vs Moss Beard Mitch

    Cannerd vs Noob Grower

    Echo vs Fish

    Joshuarr420 vs Firetop95

    Cola Cody vs Tall Shay Shay

    Galandil vs Chillburt

    Woolie vs Bud

    South Coast Vaper vs Doctor x


    Ok!! If your name is in red, send me Macky, your choice of Rock Paper or scissors via forum PM

    If your name is in blue, then please send your choice to Monekydo via forum PM

    We will give you all until Sunday after the show to get your entries in, and round one draw will take place on Monday night, at 9pm GMT, the same time as we usually air the show to make it easy 🙂 

    Good luck everyone!! 

  38. Let the games begin-finish him, hahaha lmao 

  39. @tallshayshay well let’s not get carried away here lmao….YOUR going down! Lmao RPS!!!!

  40. @macky only u guys would make spin the wheel hilarious 😂 it’s the World Cup of R P S 😁

  41. Let’s try this then:) 

  42. It’s on! I’m ready! I was born for this! You’re going down!!!!


    here it is!!

  44. Posted by: @galandil
    Bongin eh? … is it a live tournament? Bongin

    Just the pairing up of contestants will be live later. 
    Sometimes it helps reading the rules and T&C’s when entering stuff, usually on page 1 🤣 
    Once entry has closed, we will do a live stream, where each name will be drawn out of a hat, and partnered against 1 other member.  

  45. Bongin eh? … is it a live tournament? Bongin

  46. Stream will be live at 8pm GMT, that 2 hours and 30 mins from now 🙂 On percys grow room youtube channel, links to come 🙂 

  47. Last chance to get in everyone! Entry closes at mid night 

  48. This is gonna be a blast man! What a great fun tournament this will be a blast! 

  49. Posted by: @chillbert
    i like the way you guys attach a positive vibe 👌

    yeah, I like that too Bongin  

  50. @chillbert go into your account where you input your avatar and enter the signature. The sayings are your signature.

  51. @chillbert in your profile page buddy 😉 

  52. @monkeydo
    wrong thread but a question, how does one attach a foot note to their messages please?
    i like the way you guys attach a positive vibe 👌

  53. I do rather like the Sticky Scissors name….. hmmmmm

  54. @chillbert Percy’s first very own strain name “sticky scissors meets trichrome-enforced paper”

  55. @galandil
    maybe we’ll get to see what happens when sticky scissors meets trichrome-enforced paper…. It could come down to the strongest strain wins 😂

  56. Posted by: @chillbert
    what if my scissors have more resin on than theirs?

    I use paper to cover my working table when trimming, so my paper may still have more hash than your sciccors… just saying… XD

  57. @macky 
    just checking on the rules… If there’s a draw with scissors and scissors, what if my scissors have more resin on than theirs? Does that count for anything? 😂 Sorry mate just in a silly stoned moment I’m having here…
    looking forward to it , thanks for organising it bro 

  58. @chillbert All good mate! Ill add you to the list 

  59. @macky count me in too please! If not too late??

  60. @macky let the games begin 😂this is going to be a great laugh I think😁thanks for sorting it out bro👍

  61. So far we have:



    Today is the last day to enter! So get in now, no more entries will be added after midnight 🙂

    Tomorrow we will do a draw to see who is against who 🙂 

  62. When does it all kick of lads need to keep track lol

  63. if its still open ill get in

  64. this is awesome comp thanks @macky for letting me know

  65. @bud sweeet, good luck mate 

  66. This sounds like a blast.  Count me in.

  67. Posted by: @zn

    you’re in

    Urine lol, Yer man still time for entries to get in 🙂 

  68. @zn nice1 zn thanks for letting me knw

  69. Posted by: @grower-urban
    Is it too late to join?  I’m game if possible

    Posted by: @straight_coco
    I join if I’m not too late

    Posted by: @firetop95
    could you let us know if I made it into the RPS game online stuff baffles me 

    I’ll make a command decision in Mackys abscence, lol…you’re in 🙂

  70. @macky could you let us know if I made it into the RPS game online stuff baffles me 

  71. I join if I’m not too late

  72. @macky add me in lads let a pro play 

  73. Is it too late to join?  I’m game if possible 

  74. Need seed sign me up

  75. Looking good! Plenty of challenger so far 😉 

  76. @templegrower May the T-shirt Force be with you Fist Bump  

  77. You son of a bitch I’m in.

  78. May be a nerd, but put me out on the field! I’m in 🙂 This site really seems pretty cool!

  79. Put me in, it will be a good bit of innocent lockdown fun 😎 

  80. Awesome comp, great idea guys and great prizes to go with it. Count me in 100% Thumbs Up  

  81. Wow! Some awesome prizes. Count me in, I never had any luck playing this as a kid but there is always a 1st time.

  82. Yesss those are great prizes! This is a fun idea, I’m in!

  83. Again mate well done for sorting this out for everyone 👏👏 I think this is going to be a laugh, some nice strains in there to win😎 

  84. Another great comp guys

  85. @macky sick! I’m in 10000% man! This one is gonna be a BLAST! 

  86. Rock, Paper, scissor, lizard, spock.
    Scissors cuts PaperPaper covers RockRock crushes LizardLizard poisons SpockSpock smashes ScissorsScissors decapitates LizardLizard eats PaperPaper disproves SpockSpock vaporizes Rock(and as it always has) Rock crushes Scissors

  87. @colacody We want to get the names in first mate. The do the random draw for who your opponent will be, then we will ask for pics 🙂 

  88. This is LEGENDARY!!!!!! Definitely in! I’ll send the pics soon. Do I send them to you @macky or @monkeydo? Or anyone?

  89. Sign me up coach,  this is a really good idea fellas 😀

  90. ✊🤚✌
    Hell yeah this will be fun!  
    Thank you Macky, Admin team and Barneys farms! 
    You know I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a professional RPS league somewhere. If we show promise let’s get a Percy’s team going, jerseys, a tokin mascot and weekly practices 
    Like dodgeball but…rock paper scissors 😂

  91. Once again thanks for the opportunities would love to get involved sounds fun if nothing else and the prizes are a bonus 🙂 good luck everyone 🙂 I’ll look forward to sending my rock paper sissors pics 🙂

  92. Let’s go lol sounds a fun comp thro my name in i will try make sure I’m around to take part 😉👍

  93. @hart lol, nice!! Good luck man!

  94. Put me in coach, I’m ready to play!


  95. @galandil Yes mate ill do that and add it to the post 🙂 

    Pretty much, just a pic of your hand, with your user name, and round/match number on it. By sticker or writing on a glove or something. So everyone can see who the choice is from, and what round in the pic. Makes it easier for admin when we come to sort them, and makes it easier for everyone watching the live stream too when the first round comes 🙂 

  96. Wow what an awesome comp and epic prices, way to go @Macky thanks for all the effort, time and decication you put into it.Can I choose Mr Spock or Lizzard…? 🤣 Seriously thoug, to avoid confusion, can you post en example pic of how to do them pics? I still don’t understand… sorry

  97. Posted by: @macky
    @joshuaarr420 Its only just stated mate 🙂 Plenty of time for entries 

    Great stuff brother glad to have the chance to win some awesome prizes 

  98. @joshuaarr420 Its only just stated mate 🙂 Plenty of time for entries 

  99. Can i get in on this or am i too late 😁

  100. Check out those prizes!!!!
    Sounds like a lotta fun guys please count me in 😊

  101. Posted by: @tallshayshay

    Yes my skill set is finally going to be used! Put me in coach!

    Yes mate!! I love the fighting talk 😉 Gonna be a good comp man! Looking forward to it already! 

    Youll wait until you see the actual matches on live stream, gonna be worthy of pay per view!!!!! lol 

  102. Rock, Paper, Scissors, C4…sweet I win 😀

  103. Yes my skill set is finally going to be used! Put me in coach!

  104. Lets do this!!!!!!! 

    Good luck everyone! Sorry it took so long to set up this thread. It wasn’t easy to make it easy to understand lol. Any questions fire away. In the mean time, get some practise in! You have a tournament to win lol 

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