Symptoms of Over Watering a Cannabis Plant

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The symptoms of over watering a cannabis plant will display for a number of reasons. The roots of a marijuana need water and air in order to uptake nutrients. If you water the plants too much, your plants will not be able to absorb these things effectively.

However, cannabis plants grown in hydroponics, do not usually suffer from symptoms of over watering. This is because the roots have more access to air, via an airstone.

Using an air stone will allow plenty of air can get to the roots. If your plant is showing symptoms of over watering, in hydro, there may be an issue with your air stone. You should check for blockage, that are preventing air getting to the roots.

If you over water your cannabis plant, the bacteria in the root zone will also not be able to breathe. This will cause a rise in bad bacteria, which will bring on root rot.

On the other hand, if you do not water your cannabis plants enough, the medium will become too dry, and good bacteria will die and not be able to live in it. It is a fine balance, which takes practise to get right.

If you have any questions about fixing an over watered cannabis plant, then feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growers forum

Symptoms of Overwatering Watering in Soil

Most cases of over watering, will be with weed plants grown in soil. Soil retains water for a lot longer than coco, so less air can get to the roots. If you do not let the soil dry out between watering, the roots can’t breathe.

Symptoms of Over Watering Cannabis Plants

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If your leaves constantly seem plump, and full of moisture, you’re probably over watering. The leaves are absorbing more water than they can sweat out. They become heavy, and will droop and curl under.

Over watering your cannabis plants will have an effect on their whole nutrient uptake. Your plants growth will be diminished, and your plants are prone to getting mould and rot.

You also run the risk of having bugs move into your grow room. Insects larvae like moist mediums. If your soil never dries out, bugs will move in.

How to Avoid Overwatering Cannabis Plants

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To avoid over watering a cannabis plant in soil, you have to let the medium dry out in between watering/ feeding. There a 2 things you should check before you water you weed plants in soil. Firstly, the top 2 inches of the medium should feel dry when you put your finger in there. Secondly, pot should feel light, and the medium should look dry.

There is a fine balance you have to find, which is specific for each grow, it will take practise on your part to get it right. Don’t let the medium completely dry out, as this will affect the microbes living in the soil.

Keep checking the weight of the pots, if you can lift it easily, water them. If you can’t, and it feels like there is weight to it, do not water them.

If you get run off after watering, remove it. Do not let your plants sit in wastewater as this will also cause over watering too. Remove run off immediately after feeding/ watering your plants.

Symptoms of Over Watering a Cannabis Plant in Coco

It is very difficult to over water when growing weed in coco. The coco doesn’t hold as much water as soil does. It runs straight through just making the medium damp. You can water every day in coco, and still not suffer from over watering.

If your plants show the symptoms of over watering, then you are most likely letting your plants sit in run off. This will also prevent air getting to the roots. Water you coco everyday, but always make sure you remove run off to prevent salt build up, and root rot.

With practise you will be able to find the right watering and feeding schedule for your cannabis plants. If you continue to have issues, after fixing your watering schedule, then the problem may lay elsewhere.

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