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The Best Medium for Growing Cannabis

The best medium for growing cannabis is one of those questions that is very hard to answer. What do you mean by “best”? Are you looking for something that will give you a big yield quickly? Are you looking for a grow medium that is chemical-free, organic, and sustainable? Deciding what the best medium for …

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Ali Bongo Headshop

Ali Bongo is a headshop based in the UK. They have a store in Norwich, and a huge website where you can buy just about everything a stoner needs. Their inventory is huge. From rolling papers to rosin press, bubble bags to bongs, they really have everything a stoner needs, all in one place! Luckily …

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DIY Auto Watering System

If you think being around to water your plants might be a problem, then a DIY Auto Watering System might be what you need to solve it. With the correct setup, you can fill a reservoir with nutrients, and then be assured your cannabis plants will be watered automatically. This can be great if you …

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Growing Cannabis With CFL’s

In some situations, regular HID lights, or LEDs, are either too expensive, or burn too hot for a small space. Growing cannabis with CFLs, is a great way to provide your plants with enough light to grow, but keep heat and energy consumption low. CFL stands for compact fluorescent lighting, and though they are not …

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