DIY Auto Watering System

If you think being around to water your plants might be a problem, then a DIY Auto Watering System might be what you need to solve it. With the correct setup, you can fill a reservoir with nutrients, and then be assured your cannabis plants will be watered automatically. This can be great if you work away from home throughout the week. If you only come home from work on the weekends and want to grow weed, or maybe you have a holiday or vacation coming soon and you won’t be around to water your plants. An auto watering system

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Equipment for Growing Weed Indoors

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The first thing you will be doing when you start thinking about growing, is looking for equipment for growing weed indoors. Regardless of what style of growing you choose, there will be certain pieces of equipment that come as standard for any grow room. In this guide we will take you through each piece of equipment you need for growing weed indoors. From grow lighting, the carbon filters. We will explain every aspect of your indoor grow setup. You can buy indoor grow kits as one package, and make the whole job easier. But you have to make sure that

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Which Grow Tent is the Best for Growing Cannabis

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In this article, we are going to discuss different types of grow tents. Grow tents come in many different sizes. Some have windows, some have extra thick insulated walls. You can buy tents from 6ocm x 60cm, all the way up to 4m x 4m, and in some cases even bigger! But, which grow tent is the best for growing cannabis? And which grow tent suits your needs? If you have any questions about grow tents for growing cannabis, then feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growers forum What Size Grow Tent should you buy? The first

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