What is Cannabis, and How Does it Work?

Cannabis is a plant that has been used for centuries for medicine, and making fabrics. But today it is most often used for medicinal, spiritual or recreational purposes (adult use). Usually female cannabis plant flowers (buds) will be smoked, or ingested to get the user high or medicated. This happens because the buds contain compounds …

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Is Growing Weed Worth it

Authorities, crooks, bugs, deficiencies, energy bills, and hours of trimming, it can be easy to think sometimes, is growing weed worth it? It can be stressful sometimes, and when your plants are not doing so well, growing your own weed can become more of a chore then a pleasure. Don’t worry though,we all have bad …

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Why You Should Grow Your Own Cannabis

For decades, cannabis has been illegal all over the world. Despite public outcry for Cannabis legalisation in many countries, only a few have taken that step towards full legislation. Buying weed from an unregulated market, can be unsafe. This is a major reason why you should grow your own cannabis. Most cannabis users buy their …

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