Nitrogen Excess

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Nitrogen Excess can have lasting health effect on your plant. You must be able to recognise the symptoms of a nitrogen toxicity, to ensure the best harvest possible. Nitrogen is an important element of plant growth. The plant will take it from the medium, and use to to build stems, branches, and leaves. It is also a major component in photo synthesis. Without it, your plant will no be able to make chlorophyll, which means, it will not eat. Even though nitrogen is an important element, too much of it can cause health problems in your plants. If these problems

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Nitrogen is very important for a Cannabis plant to grow to its full potential. It is the most used element for plant growth. Finding the right balance, to make sure your plants are at optimal health, can be a difficult task. This guide is to help you keep things balanced, and fix any problems that may arise, should you have any. If you have any questions about Nitrogen, or you think you may have a plant problem, then feel free to ask for help in our cannabis growers forum How a Cannabis Plant Uses Nitrogen Nitrogen (N, in N/P/K) is

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