Alright everyone, time for another competition! This one will be pretty simple: all you have to do is guess how many seeds I ended up with after I unintentionally pollinated 8 plants this past summer! Safe to say that it’s more than a few…

I think the rules should be pretty simple: we will record everyone’s guesses, and whoever is the closest to the number I’ve calculated wins. One guess per account. You should be try to be an active user, and don’t go making more accounts just to enter… we will know. And it kinda ruins the fun.

I will tell Macky the number so I’m not the only one to know, and so I can’t change it if I don’t like who ends up winning. Just kidding, I love you all.

As for prizes, we have some excellent loot available:

  • 5x Auto LSD (Barney’s Farm)
  • 2x rizlas/rolling papers (Seedsman/Barney’s Farm)
  • 10x Dutch Passion pot labels
  • 1x Lighter (Royal Queen Seeds)
  • Various stickers from Percys/awesome breeders

And, if the winner happens to be from Canada, I will send out some of my seeds as well. Keep in mind though, mine are regular non-feminized seeds so you will have to sift out those males. Or not…

But, it will be:

  • 10x Crystalline Entity (Glueberry OG #1 x Romulan Kush)
  • 10x Locutus (of Borg) (Glueberry OG #2 x Romulan Kush)
  • 10x Species 8472 (Glueberry OG #3 x Romulan Kush)

With these, you can expect very heavy resin production with a pungent, almost sickly sweet, very ‘medicinal’ smell. The ones I have running currently are also showing some very deep purples in 2/4 phenos so, there will likely be some very nice colours as well. Keep in mind these are untested, (save for the 4 I have in the tent) so there will definitely be some variability. But you will not be disappointed…

Unfortunately, I (TempleGrower) can only ship to Canadian addresses at the moment but, something will be worked out in the near future for international shipping as well. In the meantime though, good luck to everyone, and happy guessing!

Contest will run until January 3rd at 12:00 Central Standard Time.

The Loot
  1. Congrats TommyT!

  2. Damn 🥴 that’s a lot of seeds 😂😂😂 well done to the winner, and thanks for the comp 🙌

  3. Congrats Tommy, grow em big and sticky! Don’t forget the pics.

  4. Nice one for the comp TG & Congrats TommyT 🙂

  5. Congrats TommyT

  6. @tommytVery smart, I should’ve done the same thing, I have around 100 seeds, could’ve just weighed them all out 

  7. Wow!  Cool!  I guess keeping all my wild seeds from my outside grow paid off.  I used my scale to count my seeds. According to calculations there is approximately 5176 seeds in my cup.

    2019 11 05

  8. Damn, thats really close aswell considering the number lol, well done Tommy T!! Thanks for the comp TG!! Been a good one man


  9. Niiice, congratulations 

  10. ALRIGHT – The moment you’ve all been waiting for. With a total of 8607 seeds, the winner, with a guess of 8777, is…@TommyT!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!If you would PM your mailing details to myself and/or @Macky, we will get the gear sorted and sent out.Thanks everyone for participating, keep your eyes open for more contests, and Happy 2020!!

  11. 4288, definitely 4288.

  12. Im gonna say 4958 Bob

  13. Last bump for to remind everyone to get your guesses in, if you haven’t already! Tomorrow is the day! 🤑 

  14. Just for fun….I’m gunna have a go at 2600 😉

  15. @cloudy_kitchen

    Year I was born mate 🙂

  16. @znLOL some Price is Right tactics there eh

  17. Posted by: @cloudy_kitchen

    I think there is 1967 seeds 🙂

    for that reason, I will go 1968 😉

  18. I think there is 1967 seeds 🙂

  19. Just a bump to remind everyone to get your guesses in if you haven’t already! Some sweet gear to be won…Also, I definitely did NOT count every single seed… lmao. I would still be going now if I did… 🤪. No, I weighed them all in their vials, subtracted the mass of the vial to get the mass of just the seeds, and divided this total mass by the mass of an individual seed to come up with a fairly accurate estimate. 1 average sized seed is approximately equal to 0.02g so… 🤓 

  20. 1847 nice comp TG!

  21. Posted by: @bobdurban 13500Thanks

    😖 😩 😭  lol

  22. 1 bahaha, 2 bahaha, … 1,228 bahaha is my final answer. I can’t believe you counted them all 😜
    Thanks TG n Percys for the contest!

  23. Alright! Thanks TG!  put me in for 1425 .. no that ain`t the year I was born either either 🙂

  24. Oooh nice comp TG! Feel bad you have to count em afterwards haha!I’ll go with 1,333 beansGood luck everyone!

  25. Gonna hit low just in case………….. 5843

  26. Nice comp TG   9150 will be my guess 

  27. Good luck everyone, great comp TG! 

  28. 😛  Oh Boy!I’ll guess 8,777Thanks!

  29. @doctor-xLol wen i first looked at this i thought it was the same number i picked just one digit out 🤣🤣👍

  30. My guess is 7,196

  31. Niiice bruv I’m guessing 4916 lol

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