Tommy Chong, Live, November 1st, 2020

Tommy Chong joins us live on High on Home Grown. We first interviewed Tommy Chong on episode four of High on Home Grown. We had an awesome time, and it was a good, down to earth, friendly conversation.

For episode 18 of our stoner podcast, we will have a special event. There will be no structure, just conversation. Tommy Chong will join us live, and we sit round the table for a stoner conversation with the legend himself.

There will be live questions and answers, in the YouTube chat, so you will get to be involved in the conversation too! If you’re a new listener to the show, then let me explain what our stoner podcast is all about.

What is High on Home Grown

High on Home Grown is a cannabis podcast from Percys Grow Room. We discuss cannabis news, famous stoners, cover grow guides and much more, every week. Also, we have a 30-40 minute interview section on each show, where we talk to people from the cannabis industry.

Our guests so far have all been awesome! We have had huge names like:

  • Tommy Chong
  • Jorge Cervantes
  • Danny Danko
  • Frenchy Cannoli
  • Swami Chaitanya
  • Jordan River
  • Milo Young
  • Peter Reynolds
  • Tad Hussey

And many more in the past, and many more coming in the future. You can download our podcasts from all major podcasting platforms, free! Each show is 2 hours long, and packed full of stoner information and entertainment. Check out our list of episodes here:

Live Shows Every Sunday

High on Home Grown streams live every Sunday on the podcasts YouTube channel. Tommy Chong will be joining us live on this weeks episode! So join us on Sunday, just click the YouTube picture below to see what time we stream live in your part of the world.

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Session with Tommy Chong

This will be a laid back conversation. More like a stoner conversation with Tommy Chong than an interview. We get high, ask some serious questions, and some not so serious ones. There will be plenty of jokes and banter, just like every other episode of High on Home Grown. So get high with us, and come and join the stoner circle. Lets get high on home grown with Tommy Chong.

3 thoughts on “Tommy Chong, Live, November 1st, 2020”

  1. Posted by: @mossbeardmitch
    This is going to be fantastic 🌱🔥
    Really awesome to watch this podcast grow like a healthy cannabis plant 👍 good on you guys 
    Macky you’re a legend with all the editing 🤙

    This should be really good as over the years I have seen endless growers all make the same mistakes.

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