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Something a little different! A competition where you can win Photos or Autos, you decide what you win!

The competition is simple and ANYONE CAN ENTER!!

Just comment below, and let us know which type of cannabis seeds you prefer, Photos or Autos, and vote in the poll on the thread in the forum!

All entries will be divided into two lists, one for photoperiod, and one for autoflowering.

There will be 2 winners! One from the choice of Photos, and the other from the choice of Autos.

Nice and easy, so get signed up and let us know what is your prefered type of cannabis seeds! Autoflowering, or Photoperiod!

How to Enter Photos or Autos

First off, you need to be a member of our cannabis growers forum. If you’re not a member, you can sign up HERE for free, it will take less than a minute.

If you are a member, or have just signed up, just comment on the thread in the forum, and vote in the poll.

Choose, what types of cannabis seeds you prefer to grow, Autos, or Photos.

Entry is open for 7 days, from the 25/11/2019, and will be closed on Monday the 2nd of December, at 23:59 GMT. Any entry after this will not count.

How to Win

After the entry has closed, all members who have commented on the thread with Auto or Photos, AND also voted in the poll, will be added to one of two lists, and assigned a number, in order of entry.

For example, the first to vote for photos will get number 1, and the first to vote for autos will also get number 1.

If you chose autos, you will be added to the autos list, if you chose photos, you will be added to the photos list.

A random number generator, will be set up, with a timer, to ensure the draw is fair, and we can all see who wins live. The number of the ticket for the draw will be posted with at least 12 hours notice before the draw.

There will be one number chosen from the photos list, and one number chosen from the autos list.

If the number chosen is yours, you win.

What Do You Win

win photos or autos competition, percy's grow room, cannabis growers forum,

What you win in the Photo prize draw:

5 x Feminised Barneys Farm Glookies
2 x Feminised Barneys Farm Peyote Critical
1 x Big Devil XL Sweet Seeds
Barneys Farm Lighter and Grinder
Percys Grow Room Members Mug
Dutch Passion Catalogue
Dutch Passion Plant Labels
Assorted Seedbank Stickers

What you win in the Auto Prize Draw:

5 x Auto Barneys Farm Glue Gelato
2 x Feminised Barneys Farm Peyote Critical
1 x Green Poison XL Auto, Sweet Seeds
Barneys Farm Lighter and Grinder
Large Barneys Farm Stash Jar
Dutch Passion Catalogue
Dutch Passion Plant Labels
Assorted Seedbank Stickers

Enter now!!

This is all for a bit of fun, and something to brighten up our week. Play fair, and enjoy the competition. So, do you want to win photos or autos, let us know below!

Good Luck Everyone!!

  1. @mackyThey have no invoice of being sent. So what’s that tell you. They never were.  Been since early October. I can fully fault the vault. 

  2. @jgood

    This is very unlike the Vault J, i’m sure there is something else going on. Is this a prize you won or something you bought? Im sure the vault will be happy to fix the issue if theyknow about it mate, I cant fault the guys, they always send everything out fast and secure. 


  3. @JenK just be happy Mack is sending them, unlike the vault u will get yours✌️

  4. Sorry Jen, I waited longer than expected for the percy stickers to arrive and wanted to send some of these with the prizes. They are on the way, but it won’t be there before Christmas 🙁

  5. I was hoping it would be how’re for Christmas 🎄 so I could wrap it up lol nothing yet but I’m so excited 

  6. I must have been in a bad reception area. Never went back and actually seen if my comment posted, it usually always does. Surprised the vote went through. Probably went around a curve and lost service at the time.  The Vault was the  Monster genetics giveaway early in  Oct.,  Doc Calyx won also. But no need to bother with it. I’ll see if I at least get the beans in next few weeks they supposed to send. I’ll let ya know ✌️ 

  7. @jgood

    What happened here J was, you didn’t comment mate. You only voted, and you needed to do both you see. 

    I am not able to see who votes for what, as that is an invasion of privacy. I needed people to vote, and comment on the thread of what their choice was so I knew which side to put you on you see. 

    It was mentioned numerous times in the initial post, and in the thread too.

    Im not sure whats going on with The Vault though, wich comp was it you won? I can chase it up for you if you like? 

  8. Yes, , and yes. No big deal on your part. Mistakes happen. Vault says the package was sent(in Oct) but they don’t have an invoice of it being sent🤔. Ask again few days ago and still no invoice. Lol.  Last I heard was they would send the beans without the shirt etc, because they were being sent from a different place than where the shirts are at…. 🤷‍♂️ I’ll let ya know if I do get anything from them tho. U can delete this after u read it. Thx for the chance tho on your giveaway. I just have bad luck on here😆

  9. @jgood

    What do you mean J, was you in this and i missed you off the list? 

    And did you win something from the vault you havent recieved? 

  10. Congratulations winners, well done guys

  11. Congrats to Jen n Phil!

  12. Posted by: @zn

    A signed photo of Macky 🤣

    In borat’s Mankini lol

  13. Posted by: @jenk


    Omg 😆 this is awesome it’s my birthday month. What did I win

    A signed photo of Macky 🤣 

    Lol @ birthday month…we only get one day here in the UK…

    Happy birthmonth & congrats on the win

  14. Posted by: @jenk

    What did I win

    Just bling 😉 lol 

    Mug, some photo barneys farm Glookies, and phil wins glueberry OG 🙂 Plus other added shit

    Need your addy phil 🙂 Jen , i have yours from the JH grow off

  15. Congratulations winners! Thanks percys for putting together that comp. 

  16. @jenkHappy [email protected] Macky. I better start studying indoor growing and I know just where to begin.

  17. @znOmg 😆 this is awesome it’s my birthday month. What did I win

  18. Posted by: @jenk


    Congrats winners

    Lol…of which you are one Jen 🤣 

  19. Congrats Winners

    You guys got a nice bundle of stuff.

  20. Thank you to everyone and congrats to the winners.

  21. @twisted1

    Always a pleasure man, better get on the scrounge before christmas though lol See if any of our guys can sort us out something nice

  22. Congratulations to the Winners. Thanks for the comps Macky 

  23. Congratulations you lucky people’s 👍

  24. Nice one for the comps Macky and congrats to the winners 🙂

  25. Congratulations winners 🙌 thanks for the chance Percys 👊 

  26. congrats u guys!

  27. @mackyCongrats winners

  28. And the winner for the photos:

    Awesome comp everyone! Thanks again to everyone who took the time to enter! 

    We shall do some more very soon, christmas is coming 😉 

  29. We have a winner for the Autos:

    Thanks again for entering everyone, well done to the winner 🙂 

    Photos Next! 

  30. @scottishmacme too! lmao

  31. @mackyLooks like imma be sat for the next hour clicking refresh lmao

  32. Here is the draw for the Autos!

    And here is the draw for the photos:

    Good luck everyone, the draw will take place in 2 hours and 13 mins of writing this post. At 10pm GMT, witht the photo draw five mins after 🙂 



  33. Oh yeah can i get a double, the amount of losses surely im due a double 😉🤣🤣

  34. 36 Valid entores for this one!! what a comp 🙂 

    1. ScottishMac
    2. StarCodex
    3. tracy
    4. Hart
    5. Dewin420
    6. Highflyer
    7. Dilligaff
    8. 3PlantsPete
    9. Scott68
    10. White Widow
    11. Greenman
    12. Phil
    13. Cheezy
    14. Grower Urban
    15. Cltc993
    16. Doctor X
    17. Lovemygreens
    18. Bob Durban
    19. Ashur
    20. Flyingdevil


    1. Ivean420
    2. Nicroc
    3. TempleGrower
    4. GMO
    5. Twisted1
    6. FukenTokin
    7. MossBearedMitch
    8. Sique
    9. Mojo2725
    10. Zombie Nation
    11. DrWag
    12. Blaze Aleksandra
    13. Jenk
    14. Ned
    15. Tommy T
    16. Misolo313

    Ive been a bit busy today, gto something i gotta do right now, but ill have this tickets set up with the next couple of hours and the draw will be done tonight. I will keep you all informed her as the night progresses  🙂

    Good Luck everyone! Thanks for taking the time to enter

    Entry Closed

  35. Whatever your preferenceGood luck everyone!!Photos for me.

  36. Wow!  Nice bundle!Photos please and Thank You.

  37. Autos so they can finish outside next year with less work

  38. Autos for me. Purely based on time, and the limited space that I have. I’ve just germinated my first auto seed, really hoping it turns out well.

  39. Autos all the way 🙂

  40. @scottishmacWell I do have this rocket launcher in the closet…  😀 

  41. Chose autoflowers as that’s all I’ve tried so far in my first attempt that’s growing as we speak. Will try photos at some point too. What a competition though!!

  42. A big dog? U in a place where guns legal? Setup a machine gun turret 😉😂😂😂😂😂

  43. Get a big dog 😉 lol

  44. @mackyNaw, just kiddn. Need autos for short season this coming summer, wet humid falls we have here. Last year I did the light dep thing with photos, but pain in the azz moving the plants every day but it worked great and it stops cannathieves in the middle of the night. 

  45. @hart

    Up to you mate. I can change it for you if you like 🙂 Do you really want to though 😉 

  46. Posted by: @doctor-x


    Thanks! Don’t always get to stop by everyday, between work, visiting mom and trying to get work done around house…..not enough hours in the day sometimes.

    Never any pressure to pop in man, life is always hectic. Pop in as often as you like Doc, always good to see you on the boards mate 

  47. Can I switch my vote?, the odds are better for the photos 🤣 

  48. Just a reminder!! Only those who have voted AND posted Photo or autos will be eligible for the comp. The rules do state, vote and comment 🙂 

  49. @Macky  Thanks! Don’t always get to stop by everyday, between work, visiting mom and trying to get work done around house…..not enough hours in the day sometimes.

  50. @doctor-x

    Good to see you Doc 🙂 Best of luck mate 

  51. Thanks for the great giveaway, 2 members are going to be very happy. Ill give the autos a shot.

  52. Autos for me personally can see pros and cons to both 🙂 cheers for the completion opportunitie guys 

  53. @templegrowerMakes perfect sense outside for sure

  54. @nedYeah exactly. I’m the same way. Photos FTW. Autos definitely have their place though.. like here in Saskatchewan in Canada, you have to grow autos if you grow outdoors. Photos will never finish here b/c we get into winter too soon for them to finish flowering so.. or if you don’t have a light-sealed grow space for when you flip to 12 hours darkness. Photos revert back to veg pretty easily if you accidentally get some light on them during the dark period, as I’m sure you know. Autos don’t give a shit. 😀 

  55. @templegrowerThanks TG. Doesn’t sound like an old schooler like myself wants to venture into that. I love finding a fantastic pheno and keeping it going. 

  56. @nedThey’re easy mang! Basically just plant, water/feed, and harvest! No need for flipping your lights to 12/12 – they will grow under 24 hours of light if you let them. Usually they ‘veg’ for about 30-45 days, and then automatically (as the name implies), they will start flowering, and usually they’re ready for harvest by 10-12 weeks after planting, some sooner. Kinda limits your time-frame for training, topping, etc. As for cloning, no, you can’t really clone them. They have a strict schedule they follow, and if you were take a cutting, I’m pretty sure (not certain) that the new plant would be the same age as the original, and likely won’t have enough time to grow large enough to be worth it. Clones are generally taken from a mother plant that is perpetually in veg. Photos don’t run on that set ‘schedule’, and so the cuttings are effectively the same as a brand new plant.Autoflower Info – PGRAutoflower Info – Joint Doctor 

  57. Hi team, I’ve never grown an Auto strain. I don’t know anything about them. What’s the deal can you clone them too or just grow from seed? What happens they just bud without changing the light cycle? 

  58. Posted by: @grower-urban

      Not an easy decision but going with the autoflower.  Time and space are huge factors and find I yield more in less time with autos over a sog/scrog setup with photos…  BUT taste and potency goes to photos and yield if you have the space to grow them out

    Tough decision mate i agree lol. But you know, we are lucky enough to have the best of both world! I remember days without autos! doesn’t even seem that long ago. but would be without them now lol

  59.   Not an easy decision but going with the autoflower.  Time and space are huge factors and find I yield more in less time with autos over a sog/scrog setup with photos…  BUT taste and potency goes to photos and yield if you have the space to grow them out

  60. Autos for me please👍

  61. Posted by: @jenk

    Either or it’s cool 😎 I love seeds

    ill put you on whichever side has least votes jen 🙂 

  62. thanks Macky, I`m going to enter for Autos because I have never grown them before. Good thing there is loads of help and information available here to assist.

  63. Autos all the way.

  64. Either or it’s cool 😎 I love seeds

  65. Ahhhh you spoil us man! Thanks a lot for the comp, great prizes! I’m voting autos thanks mate 👍

  66. Thanks PercysGrowRoom for this awesome giveaway💚🌱Good luck everyone.I prefer the Photos.

  67. Posted by: @hart

    Auto … Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn

    We drive drive drive on the Autobahn for those that thought it was fun fun fun 🤣 

    Awesome tune…thankyou for the trip…remember it soooo well

  68. Autos for me  

  69. I prefer photos. I enjoy collecting pollen and breeding my own seeds, as well as growing for consumable product. I realize I get a lot out of growing and enjoy the process, so no reason to be impatient   

  70. Thanks! Photo’s all day!

  71. Nice comp man it’s hard to choose,good prizes! mmmm 🧐🤔Autos for me mate 👌

  72. @mossbeardmitch

    All down to the Vaut and Barneys mate 🙂 They take good care of us, good luck man! 

  73. Ehh this is huge! Good on ya macky! Photos for me here! 🤞😆

  74. new grower (1 month)so have only  done autos.. summer will do some photos

  75. Auto, need all the help I can get !!

  76. Autos for me please. Really want to try and grow some autos

  77. Auto … Wir fahren fahren fahren auf der Autobahn

  78. @tracy

    Welcome to PErcys Tracy 🙂 Thanks for joining us 

  79. Autos FTW!!!

  80. Photo   I need that coffee cup

  81. Photo FTW mofo!  get the mother hunting on!

  82. Deadly. I’m very photogenic so, photos for me! 🤠 

  83. @thestars

    Pleasure mate 🙂 Good luck man 

  84. Thanks for the comp dude. Auto’s for me please ☺️

  85. Autos for me bruv, 

  86. @nicroc

    Awesome, you have voted too 🙂 Im gonna chose photos, but wont be in the draw lol, good luck 🙂

  87. photos for me

  88. @ivean420

    Sorted mate 🙂 Just had some things to finish before it as ready 🙂 Now you should be able to vote


  89. some photos for me as we talked about earlier 🙂


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