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How would you like to win your favourite strain from The Vault cannabis seeds store? Now, you have a chance!

We give away the best seeds, from the worlds best seed banks in every competition. In this one, you get to decide what you win!

In this comp, you will get the chance to win seeds of your favourite cannabis strain! The Vault Cannabis Seeds Bank have over 3,000 strains for you to choose from. From over 100 breeders all around the world! Their catalogue of strains is huge, and they no doubt have your favourite in stock right now.

Would you like a chance to win a packet of your favourite seeds? Enter the giveaway, by letting us know what strain you love, and why. All valid entries will be entered into a free prize draw, and the winner will be selected at random!

How to Enter Your Favourite Strain Giveaway

To enter is simple, just go to The Vault Cannabis Seed Store, and find your favourite strain. When you find it, post a link to the strain in the comments below, and tell us why you love it. Do you need the strain for medicines? Or is it the flavour that makes it special to you? We want to know what you love and why! Tell us, and you will be in with a chance to win a pack of your favourite strain!

  1. Visit “The Vault” and find your favourite strain
  2. Copy the link, and paste it in the comments below
  3. Tell us why this strain is your favourite

That’s it, once this is done, your are entered! Now you just have to wait until the draw!

Extra Entries to Increase your Chances of Winning

As usual, Team Vault have gone a step further! Once you have entered into the giveaway, via the thread here, you can get extra entries by sharing on social media! We will give one extra entry, per member, per network if you share the link to your favourite strain, and the reason why it’s your favourite.

This means, you can have a maximum of four entries

For your entry to be valid on social media, you must:

  • Be a member of Percys Grow Room
  • Include the link to the strain at The Vault in your post
  • Tell everyone why that strain is your favourite
  • Tag Percys Grow Room, and The Vault in the post

All entries here and from social media will be gathered and added to the list for the draw!*

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*You must be a member of Percys Grow Room, and posted in this thread for your social media shares to be valid entries.

Win Your Favourite Strain and a Goody Bag from The Vault

The aim of the game is to win seeds of your favourite strain of cannabis, so the top prizes will be:

prizes for favourite strain comp, percys grow room, the vault, cannabis seeds store, cannabis growers forum, competitions,

5 Pack of your Favourite strain of cannabis seeds

Along with this, you will get more goodies from the Vault, including:

A Vault T-shirt
Sweet Seeds T-Shirt and Land Yarn
A selection of stickers
A grinder, rolling papers, and more.

This a great opportunity to win your favourite strain to grow, or start off/ add to your seed collection!

So, the giveaway is free to enter for all members of our Cannabis Growers Forum. If you are not a member yet, you can sign up free by clicking this button:

For members, just go ahead and visit The Vault, find your number one strain, and post the link and reason why you love it in the thread below!

It is not often you see opportunities like this, and on behalf of all of us here at Percys, I would just like to extend our gratitude to The Vault for the constant support of our community.

Rules for Entry

To take part in the give away, you must:

  • Be a member of Percys Grow Room, and comment on this thread
  • Include a link to the strain, from The Vaults Website
  • Include a reason why you love that particular strain
  • If sharing on social media, you must also tag Percys Grow Room, and The Vault in your post
  • Have fun and enjoy the giveaway!

How to Win!

All valid entries will be added to a list of names. When the deadline is reached, and entry closes, we will take 24 hours to organise the draw. The draw will be set with at least a 12 hour timer, so you can all watch it live, and we can show you there will only be one draw, that is fair, and random.

The draw will take place on “Random Result“. A ticket will be opened and the link will be left in this thread, at least 12 hours before the draw is set to take place!

If the random results generator picks you, you win! At which point, you will PM forum admin, and arrange free delivery of your prize! As easy as that.

When Does Entry Close?

Entry is open right now, and will close at 10pm BST, on Tuesday 30th June 2020. At this point, entry will be closed and no more entries will be valid. The draw will take place 24 hours after entry has closed, at 10pm BST, Wednesday 1st July, on Random Result.

Good Luck Everyone!

Thanks to all those who enter, on behalf of the team at Percys Grow Room, good luck! The Vault has a huge selection of strains for you to choose from. Feel free to browse around the site and see what new strains you might enjoy, or find yourself an old classic that you have been wanting to grow for a long time.

The choice is yours!! What would you like to win? Let us know in the comments below! Good Luck!

One more thing! Unfortunately, we can’t all win, but, members of our cannabis growers forum get 20% off all purchases from The Vault! So even if you don’t win this time, you can still save plenty of money buy shopping there. What a Seedbank!

  1. blank

    Here is a link to the draw:


    Good luck everyone! 

  2. blank

    Thik I said 10pm will be there draw mate. itll be live for everyone to tune in with ten mins to spare

    thats in 2 hours and 30 mins from this post 🙂 

  3. @macky what time are you doing the live stream?

  4. @macky Thanks mate and good luck to everyone in the draw later Thumbs Up  

  5. blank

    @macky Looks like I forgot to enter boss sorry🙈

  6. blank
    1. Samsampson
    2. Green Beard
    3. Phil
    4. Yoda
    5. Basssman7
    6. Grower Urban
    7. Tchaneytowers
    8. MonkeyDo
    9. Poizon.Ivy.420
    10. DJItal
    11. Joshuaarr420
    12. White Widow
    13. bs_monteiro
    14. munchies
    15. TempleGrower
    16. Doctor X
    17. twisted1
    18. DIY.Rik
    19. RedEyeJedi
    20. AliJ68
    21. Hart
    22. CanuckleBudz
    23. Colacody
    24. Wrh
    25. Stoney
    26. Schroomy

    Ok! Here is the list, thanks everyone for entering!

    The site i usally use to draw these numbers isnt working right. 

    So, imma gonna set up a live stream latter tonight and we can do the draw live, and ill stream it so youll can watch 🙂 

  7. blank

    Thanks for entering everyone! im going to make the list now 🙂 No more entries are vaild 🙂 

  8. Old School strain this is a classic and a strain that holds so many great memories over anything I have ever smoked
    it was the summer of 1995 my best mate at the time was dabbling in the growing of the herb and was constantly taking trips over to the Dam where he procured this strain and had it ready for what would be the most amazing Summer of my life .
    it was the 25th anniversary of Glastonbury we had been planning the epic road trip for months when we seen the acts that we’re going to be in attendance and it was also the first year for the dance tent make its apperance we liked our techno/dub/trance so acts like Zion train ,system 7,plastikman, ozric tentacles god the list was endless not to mention oasis,the stone roses etc etc etc 😂
    At the time we resided in a very remote part of Scotland and planed to hitch or was down to Somerset and climb the fence we had 80 quid between us for the trip and the whole weekend and a ruck sack full of nl#5 haze we made it down in three lifts from truck drivers one right from Scotland down Manchester and the driver got us another down to Bristol where we got a lift right to Glastonbury  from a great group of Welsh students
    once there it was a top buzz there were land rovers and security patrolling the massive fence,we saw loads of other folks lurking with the same intent so we sat back rolled a big biffter and waited for the right moment darkness was creeping in and the wafting aroma of our pungent spliff had got the attention of a group of Italians that were attempting the same and one of the girls from the group blatantly asked for a puff which of course would be exceptional rude not to pass the blunt to the Italian beauty 😂Never one to miss an opportunity
    well the time came to go ! there was a bit of a frenzy at one of the other points in the fence so our selfs and our new Italian friends decided to go for it and climbed the fence thrusting each other up to the top and pulling the last one over it was pitched black when we got in and we all rushed to into what was a massive sea of tents  !We all decided to pic a spot and pich our tents together this was the start of something bigger let did I know at the time!
    we woke in the morning and it was the most beautiful of days not a cloud in the sky the Italian chick was stunning in the morning light too ! The whole weekend was blazing hot the atmosphere was electric  the bands were just epic and I was so lucky I got hang with this amazing beautiful Italian girl we got so high on northern lights and between buying balloons  full of nitrous oxide what a laugh a amazing adventure I will never for get 
    Well that amazing Italian girl in months after Glastonbury became my girlfriend then the became the mother to my son if it wasn’t for the amazing aroma of that Nothern light #5 haze we probably would never have met ! 
    ps big respects to Percy’s and the Vault for the great comp to win you favourite strain ! ✌️💚

  9. No worries, @wrh , helping each other out is what the cannabis community is all about.  Good luck! 

    Not sure if i can post more than once but look at this beauty to say the lineage is over 40years old but with the new auto twist too it to make it super easy to grow, but oh my look how this picture does her justice look at the colours of her and from all the northern lights  ive smoke ive never grew my own and she looks so beautiful id love to be able to grow some of her and the full growth time 9-10weeks is phenominal 

  11. blank

    My strain would be seedsman Jack herrer auto it was the first strain i ever grew many years ago and still one of my favourites but being old i don’t know how to copy or paste! 😀 

  12. @poizon-ivy-420 Thumbs Up   Thank you man. Good luck for you too.

  13. @bs_monteiro Good choice!!! Thumbs Up Good luck

  14. I choose tangerine dream because it is one strain that both me and the wife LOVED that gets you into a nice happy place but still functional and talkative. The flower time is also short which makes it a nice one to try for an indoor grow. Would love to give this strain a grow! 

  15. @poizon-ivy-420 thank you man. I will have a look

  16. Posted by: @bs_monteiro
    Yeah!! Nice! Thanks for this amazing comp.
    I’m newbie to this and don’t know yet too much about strains. Can you guys recommend me one?
    The effects that I’m looking for is more for creativity and uplifting. The ChemDog seemed me good.
    Thank you guys!

    If ChemDawg is your heart’s desire, by all means go for it! But, if you need help deciding, The Vault’s Blog might have just what you’re looking for – George Seeds’ blog post, ‘Best cannabis strains for beginner growers’ might help point you in the right direction. 

  17. blank

    Damn! Look att he colours on that!

  18. @hart I like the super auto’s they’re much more worth while growing. I think other seed banks and breeders call the super auto’s XL or XXL?

  19. I absolutely love Skywalker …..the smell was a bit strong for me, which sometimes puts me off…but it gave proper good spacey, old school vibes. Definitely an evening smoke, not a daytime one- least not if you plan on getting anything done 😀 😆  Good Luck to everyone in the comp 👍 

  20. Posted by: @redeyejedi
    Anyone ever tried it before?

    No, but I want to after reading that 😜😂😂

  21. Another great competition 😊

    So I have chosen Gorilla Banana from Expert Seeds, why…. because I like the sound of it lol. Over the years ive had a few goto strains, lemon haze from back in the day, blue cheese (still love that strain when a good bit comes along) Jack Herrer to name a few however I wanted to pick something ive never tried before.
    So the plants I am growing now, were seeds that were given to me so because of that, ive done a lot of searching into what seeds I WILL choose when this grow is finally completed. Whilst doing this it dawned on me that in all the years ive smoked weed, ive NEVER smoked a banana strain of any kind. Maybe it was never about in the UK. 
    The great thing I like about the vault compared to other seed banks is the huge variety of what they stock. A quick search of banana brought back about 20 different strains for me to choose from. In the end I opted for Gorilla Banana which is a Gorilla Glue crossed with Banana Kush. Ive really like Gorilla Glue and love all Kush’s so this seemed the perfect choice. Add in the potential medical conditions it can remedy (especially insomnia which is something I can suffer with), 21% THC content and also a small bit of CBD (which ive not really explored yet) and this came out a winner by a long way. 😊 
    Anyone ever tried it before?

  22. image

    Bubba Island Kush. I have had my eye out for this one for a while. Quick grower. I’m only in a small space. 2 plants at Max. Also a very heavy resinous plant and i LOVE my Kush! 
    I also love my Hash and would like to try some extract so this is my plant at the moment. It’s in a queue to go in my tent.

  23. blank

    @templegrower Yer I dont envy you at all man, not an easy decision, but good to see you put some thought into it mate! great choices! 

  24. I both love and hate this contest, lol. Epic prize but such a hard decision. I have a few bucket list cultivars I want to grow, and I was able to narrow it down to four, but had to do some serious soul searching to make the final decision. Not really but, 😎. They were:
    1. Cannabiogen’s Pakistani Chitral Kush – an amazing, beautiful plant, and is exactly what I am looking for in a squat heavy producer with crazy resin. And those colours… It’s inexpensive tho so, I might actually buy this one eventually.
    2. Dutch Passion’s Mokum’s Tulip – I’m not usually super partial to these dessert-flavoured cultivars but, this one is epic…. my god is it good. But yeah, I need to be 100% partial.
    3. Neville’s Haze/Black Widow from Mr. Nice – I hope I don’t have to explain why I want to grow these ones… Legends. Long flowering time on the NH tho, and while I do love me some Widow…
    I have again decided on Sagarmatha’s almighty Matanuska Tundra, aka Alaskan Thunderfuck. Easily one of my top 3 favourites of all time. Everything about it rules. Medically it’s amazing for my stomach issues too so, it really does check all the boxes. Usually pretty tough to find around here so, it be epic to have a reliable source… regs too so I can make more!

    Honorable mention to Pink Kush, Trainwreck, Cinderella 99, 707 Headband & Lost Coast OG.

  25. blank

    @tchaneytowers thank mate lol, you entered this one right? or still looking for a strain? 

  26. @macky y’all come up with some cool contests

  27. Cookies is 1 of my favorite strains for getting things done.  It relaxes the body and lifts the mind without a couch lock or spaced out feeling.   I have heard good things about Royal Queen but never ran any of their stuff or even cookies for that matter.
    Thanks Percy’s and Team Vault for a chance to change this

  28. It’s really difficult to pick only one favorite but I’m gonna go with this one. On one very tiring trip to Seattle we arrived worn out, aching, sleepy…… We were so exhausted we couldn’t sleep. A short walk to a dispensary and a recommendation from a budtender and we were set. That strain was called Ice Cream Cake, and this strain is the exact same cross so I’m hoping similar weed.

  29. @macky Thank you mate.

  30. blank
    Posted by: @bs_monteiro

    Yeah!! Nice! Thanks for this amazing comp.

    I’m newbie to this and don’t know yet too much about strains. Can you guys recommend me one?

    The effects that I’m looking for is more for creativity and uplifting. The ChemDog seemed me good.

    Thank you guys!

    Take a look around the vault for something you like the sound of mate. For a new grower, I would say something Indica dominant, as the flowering period is shorter. But the high your looking for is more Sativa. I think a hybrid auto might be a good option for you? Take a look round the vault and see what you like 🙂 

  31. Yeah!! Nice! Thanks for this amazing comp.
    I’m newbie to this and don’t know yet too much about strains. Can you guys recommend me one?
    The effects that I’m looking for is more for creativity and uplifting. The ChemDog seemed me good.
    Thank you guys!

  32. blank

    Some great selections everyone! 

    I have seen some of you ave had problems with the link. I have lifted the 5 posts before able t post a link rule so it shouldnt happen again. We have this to prevent spammers posting crap to other sites, so I will put it back on when the comp is done 🙂 

    Good luck everyone! Loving some of these strains! 

    @Grower-Urban George is always looking for recommendations on strains to stock that he doesn’t have. I know if you let him know there is some of your favourite missing, he will order them in for you 😉 


  33. this was fun
    imma pick cherry bomb autos as my fave because I would love the opportunity to grow this delicious sounding strain I have never tried. With its relaxing effect, high yields and high Thc, it sounds like it would be fantastic to toke on this beauty 😍
    thank you Percys and the vault for another great comp 👍 Need to make back a few hours I lost scrolling through bud pics now 😂😂😂 mmmmmm  🤤🤤🤤


    This has to be one of the classical buds that got me into cannabis
    My all tome favorite weed is blues cheese, the aroma the taste the density of the buds the high its all just a perfect combo for me and personally think the cheese strain was a pioneer in the industry, like that was the first real stinky weed i tried and it blew my mind  🤣 thanks macky and the vault for another awesome giveaway  

  35. @macky
    removed link
    Hindu Kush Always the go to. Never disappoints.

  36. Posted by: @grower-urban
    So mad respect out to Percy’s and the Vault for this comp.  But I couldn’t find any Lambs Breath (auto or photo).
    LB is definitely my top choice but couldn’t find any auto cookies or blueberry either🤔 SEO?
    My favorite strains are Lambs Breath, cookie, blueberry, death bubba, green Crack, cheese, Diesel, strawberry cough and grapefruit.  Usually prefer autos, any suggestions?

    You asked for suggestions. Based on your list, I found a few: Green Crack Auto’s by Fastbud Seeds

    Seeds’ Sweet Cheese Auto’s 

    710 Genetics’ Diesel Auto’s 

    Royal Cookies Auto’s 

    Blueberry Auto’s 

    luck, growmie Smile  

  37. from being recognized as an award-winning cultivar on its own, KC Brains Mango parents are world-class LEGENDS! Sensi Seeds’ Jack Herer (did Sensi Seeds REALLY win 17 awards with Jack Herer between 1994 and 2018?); and award-winning Positronic Seeds’ Critical #47.
    What I love the most? So hard to say! It could be Mango’s signature sweet, fruity aroma… incredible yield (even small plants!)… or that it’s low maintenance – so easy to grow! The reason why I want these seeds? It’s gotta’ be the THC and the terpenes – the combination of caryophyllene, limonene and myrcene in KC Brains Mango work perfectly together to combat my epilepsy, anxiety/PTSD and hubby’s osteoarthritis and IBS. It also tastes so good in my canna cooking!! 

  38. @tchaneytowers sorry mate, the forum rules require 10 posts in order to add links. It’s to prevent spammers from hitting the site. Easy way around This it is check out some recent posts and add some comments. Don’t be shy.

  39. <a title=”Zz fen” href=” removed link ” target=”true”> removed link
    Won’t let me add a link

    Love this backcross of zkittlez
    <a title="Zz fem from exotic" href=" removed link ” target=”true”> removed link

  41. So mad respect out to Percy’s and the Vault for this comp.  But I couldn’t find any Lambs Breath (auto or photo).
    LB is definitely my top choice but couldn’t find any auto cookies or blueberry either🤔 SEO?
    My favorite strains are Lambs Breath, cookie, blueberry, death bubba, green Crack, cheese, Diesel, strawberry cough and grapefruit.  Usually prefer autos, any suggestions?

  42. blank

    I love the way the plant pics are showing when the link is shared, thats a bit flash! Some lovely choice, this will be a nice thread when its done, some great selection!

  43. blank

    picked this one because she is fairly quick to mature, high yields and gives pretty fast pain relief. Not overly big and fits into my climate.

  44. blank

    @phil include why you want that one too mate 🙂 But great choice 🙂

    DISCLAIMER: I run the comp, I am not involved in picking, lol, I have no idea how you’re going to choose something out of that huge selection lol. But I would have something cheesy mmmm 

    Choose which ever strain you like the most 🙂 

    Oh Northern Lights, she was the girl I popped my weed cherry on, when I moved from shitty soap bar hash to good weed, how I remember the days of being battered in just a few tokes, would be great to win a pack and bring me back to the past with a blast🤙🏻 Big up the vault and the gem for bringing us great comps here at percys 

  46. blank

    @samsampson sorted that link out for you mate 🙂 Thanks for entering, great choice 😉 best of luck to you man

  47. Cinderella 99, is the pillar strain I need in my stable. Having a pack of regular seeds would present an opportunity to build a line further that pays tribute to one of the greatest minds to ever promoted cannabis, Jack Herer. Crossed with the Princess, this pack could be a treat to keep. Outdoor activities are always best enjoyed with this terpene profile in hand. Hug a tree, jump up and down, euphoria is what I am here for. Thank you to all the people who made this contest possible!

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